Here’s How Car API, Vehicle Image API Provides a Hassle-Free Image Search


Car dealerships might choose to use car stock images to showcase new models that have arrived in the showroom or on the lot. Car stock images help enhance and improve the online user experience, some stock images are interactive to allow site visitors to explore vehicles inside and out.

Finding the best vehicle stock image for a specific model isn’t always simple for dealerships. Some car stock libraries might not allow dealerships to refine their search criteria. Dealerships could end up searching through thousands of images that aren’t ideal. Car stock image libraries that offer car API, vehicle image API provide a hassle-free image search for dealerships.

Here’s what dealerships should understand about API technology:

  • API connects to other programming interfaces
  • API allows dealerships to access depictions of the actual images to ease the search
  • The technology lets dealerships customize the search process

Car Stock Image API: What is API and Why Does This Technology Matter for Vehicle images

API denotes Application Programming Interface. This technology allows communication between different programs. API can give customers more tools at their disposal, and  examples of this technology include letting a user log into their PayPal account to pay for a purchase or sites where users can log into Facebook to leave a comment from their social media account.

However, API also can be used to let users access other resources or sites that can further enhance or improve their online experience. When API technology is integrated into a car stock library database, it can allow users to have access to different types of information and/or tools.

With EVOX Images, API allows dealerships to easily search through images. Instead of seeing files and file names associated with different photos, EVOX Images shows the actual images of the vehicles in the search results.

For dealerships that need to identify the best image for a marketing need, viewing their results in image form can save time.

car API Vehicle Image API

How Can Dealerships Customize the Image Search?

Dealerships might use stock images to create interactive experiences for their site visitors or customers. Images could be used for augmented reality experiences or on-site immersive hands-on experiences. However, not all photos are designed for interaction.

Marketing specialists responsible for finding the images for a particular project or online experience don’t want to spend hours of their time trying to find one or two images. A simple search query system can help dealerships and their staff save time and patience by allowing the search to be focused and customized for any marketing endeavor.

EVOX Images provides a simple search tool that enables users to choose the exact make/model/year/trim to access the most relevant vehicle images. In addition, the search also can be further refined by allowing the dealerships to choose the type of images they need. For example, they could select spin photos or base trim photos.

The search results will only include images that meet all the dealership’s criteria. Images will be shown as the actual photos; this means that dealerships can see the exact image before they make their selection.

By communicating with other programs, EVOX Images’ search tool can help decrease search frustration. Dealerships also don’t have to sift through image options by opening up randomly named files or sorting through pages of irrelevant results.

car API Vehicle Image API

Can Dealerships Easily Find Images Compatible with Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality and virtual reality experiences require certain image types that are designed to be compatible with these technologies. Many dealerships might be focused on creating unique on-site augmented reality experiences that let visitors preview a selected model in any environment.

Since many consumers own a smartphone or have access to this type of mobile device, augmented reality experiences might be considered more mainstream than virtual reality (which requires users to have access to a headset). The camera of a smartphone captures the individual’s environment, and the augmented reality experience lets the user preview a vehicle in this space.

With augmented reality technology, dealerships can create vehicle preview experiences that can simulate the walkaround experience that consumers would enjoy at the physical dealership. In addition, some augmented reality experiences also let users look inside and explore the interior of a vehicle.

Dealerships need images that are compatible with augmented reality. For this reason, EVOX Images allows dealerships to access a library for different models that includes digital assets that can be used for these high-tech and immersive experiences.

More Photo Options

EVOX Images understands that dealerships are looking for imagery that adds excitement and interest to their website and/or other marketing endeavors. While 360 spin photos have been an image option that allows dealerships to encourage user interaction, EVOX Images also has recently added several animated photo options to its image library.

While spin photos allow an individual to use a fingertip or their mouse to interact with an image and explore the vehicle, animated photos include on-screen action that loads automatically. Animated images include:

  • Drive-in photos
  • Drive-in/spin photos
  • Colorized fly-arounds
  • Colorized spin photos

Drive-in images showcase the vehicle moving into the photo; this lets consumers see the car in motion. The animated drive-in/spin photos show the car driving into the image and then turning around 360 degrees. This lets customers see the car in motion and view it from all different angles.

Colorized fly-arounds are photographed from different  heights/vantage points; this is a bit like drone imagery. However, as the vantage point of the photo changes, the paint trim of the vehicle also changes. These images are a unique tool for showcasing all the different paint trim options of a particular model.

Colorized spin photos are another unique image that lets customers understand all the paint hue options. As the car rotates, the paint color of the vehicle changes. These images can add visual interest to any page or could accompany a blog article about a new model (to showcase the color options).

car API Vehicle Image API

Car Images API: Explore All the Vehicle Stock Images without Frustration

No matter what vehicle stock imagery a dealer needs for their website or marketing endeavors, the search for these images is simple when they use EVOX Images. Enter the data for the vehicle required for a particular marketing endeavor or project, and EVOX Images’ search query system will show all the applicable results.

Dealerships can choose to select the specific types of stock images they need. This allows them to only view relevant images instead of sorting through an extensive or seemingly endless number of image options.

EVOX Images also includes a library dedicated to images that are compatible with augmented reality. When dealerships are focused on creating this type of interactive and immersive experience for their customers, they can use EVOX Images to find digital assets designed specifically for this purpose.

When searching for car images, API can make the search simple and less time consuming for dealerships. View all the options without needing to blindly guess which image is the most relevant; dealerships can see the images and sort through them quickly.

While API technology might sound like tech-speak, dealerships should know that using a car stock library that connects and communicates to other programs can make finding the photos they need for their marketing efforts much simpler.

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