Car 360 Spin Images

Car buyers can read the vehicle specs, they can understand what upgraded options they can choose, and they can even zero in on the price tag. But the images of the vehicle allow the potential buyer to understand the design inside and out and, ultimately, picture themselves in the car, truck, van or SUV.

But standard two-dimensional images only allow for simple click and scroll experiences. More immersive imagery, however, encourages user engagement and lets shoppers explore details of vehicles in a richer context. EVOX Image’s car 360 spin image library infuses immersive content into dealership marketing campaigns to elevate the user experience and perhaps extend their time on the dealership’s website, ad content or on social media pages.

Car 360 Spin Imagery Explained

While many dealerships use photographs of vehicles throughout their marketing campaigns, these images tend to be standard 2D imagery. These images can be fine to help buyers gather more information about a car model, but they might not encourage long-term engagement.

Dealerships often include photo slideshows of different vehicle models. Each image will show a different up-close detail about the vehicle. Potential buyers could click through dozens of photos of each vehicle to gather the relevant information they need when selecting their car.

While these standard images are helpful, consumers might just quickly click and scroll. Perhaps they pause on a few images, but they may be focused on getting just quick glimpses of different vehicle details.

Car 360 spin imagery works differently. EVOX Images provides a library of images that are designed to be immersive and interactive. Spin images don’t just encourage the consumer to click, they encourage exploration.

A car 360 spin image works with the power of either the user’s finger or a mouse (if using a PC). Using either control mechanism, the user can turn the car around to see it from all different angles and vantage points.

Car 360 spin images include both interior and exterior imagery. With the exterior spin imagery, the image of the vehicle can be turned completely around (thus, the 360 spin reference).

Car 360 Spin Images

Panoramic Car 360 Spin Imagery

EVOX Images interior 360 spin imagery is called 360 panoramas. These images allow the user to feel as though they are sitting in the front seat and looking around the car.

What’s unique about the panorama images for a vehicle’s interior is that the user can stop the rotation at any point to look at certain details up close. With panorama spin shots, the user can explore the back seat space or look more closely at the details of the infotainment system, maybe even the gear shift.

The user controls the viewing experience. In this way, they can use the photos during their research phase to explore the different aspects and features of many different models. Maybe a car buyer really needs a vehicle with a spacious back seat; 360 spin panorama shots can help that buyer better understand space constraints.

Using Car 360 Spin Imagery

Spin imagery creates a more immersive and exploratory experience across marketing channels. Dealerships can utilize spin imagery on the dealership website to enhance the user experience and encourage site engagement.

Social media also could be an ideal space for these images. Teasing a new model? Use 360 spin imagery in a post to showcase the vehicle from every angle and to encourage followers to engage and interact with the post and the picture.

Ad campaigns via Facebook or other online advertising sites also could tease a model using these images. These images encourage engagement with the ad. Not only can potential buyers see the key details about a vehicle and learn more about its price plus dealership incentives but they also can interact and explore that model virtually.

Dealerships can pair 360 spin imagery with standard photos, too. Photo slideshows are still valuable visual assets. But adding interactive images could encourage site visitors or social media followers to slow down and engage with the images…beyond just clicking or scrolling.

Buyers now spend more than seven hours researching online for their new car; they will visit third party sites and dealership sites, too. However, the more interactive experiences that dealerships can offer, the longer they may encourage visitors to stay on their site.

Using car 360 spin imagery elevates the dealership’s content. And these images create valuable resources for visitors. Buyers can scroll through standard photos on other sites but interactive photos create a unique experience that can set a dealership apart from its competitors.

Car 360 Spin Images

Five Simple Ways to Use 360 Car Spin Imagery in Marketing

Dealerships can get creative with integrating 360 car spin imagery within marketing content. Need a few ideas on how to use these photos to stick out from the competition? Here are five simple ways to use 360 car spin imagery:

1.   Highlight Spin Images on Facebook

Add a spin image to a Facebook post to attract attention to a new model.

2.   Use Panoramic Spin Images in Instagram Slideshows

Highlighting a model via Instagram? Make the first photo of the slideshow a spin image or embed a spin image within a standard slideshow.

3.   Add Spin Images to Blog Content

Dealership blogs almost always include images. Make those images interactive! And draw a reader’s attention to the fact that the images are interactive.

4.   Write a Blog Post Introducing These Images!

New to dropping in spin images? Highlight these new features in blog content and social media posts…announce that these images are on the dealership’s site and invite consumers to explore them!

5.   Post 360 Spin Imagery for New Models on the Site

Include both a panoramic interior spin photo and an exterior spin shot to encourage user exploration!

What about Using Spin Photos for Older Vehicles?

EVOX Images offers spin imagery for models going back to 2009. This means that dealerships could choose to include spin imagery along with photos of their pre-owned offerings.

With used or preowned inventory, dealerships will want to highlight the exact car on their lot. This ensures that the potential buyer understands any flaws or unique aspects to that particular vehicle. However, spin photos can be used to give consumers a more interactive experience.

For used or preowned models, exterior 360 spin images can offer a unique way to immerse in the shopping experience. When using interior panorama photos for used or preowned models, dealerships can use the spin shots for informational purposes. Buyers should understand—and dealerships should make clear–that the spin photo isn’t the exact car on the lot.

Car 360 Spin Images

Do Dealerships Need to Use Spin Photos for Marketing?

Dealerships can choose to use standard photos for marketing campaigns. However, younger generations—like Generation Z—have grown up with the internet and with social media. Immersive and interactive experiences may be a great way to reach out to younger audiences.

Generation Z makes up 40 percent of consumers. This means that the youngest generation is quickly ousting Millennials as the hottest target demographic. Forbes explains that Zoomers know how to usurp the social media algorithms to get the content they want. Gen Z is savvy, and perhaps standard photographs just won’t cut it for them.

Dealerships can think outside the standard when they use 360 spin photos. Create unique and immersive experiences to reach consumers. Mix up standard imagery with interactive photos. Tie in videos, too.

Content should engage, and it also needs to hold the consumer’s interest. So do dealerships need to use spin photos? The answer may depend on who they’re wishing to reach!