Be on the Lookout for Automotive Stock Photos for These Upcoming Vehicles


The new 2023 models are driving into dealerships. This means that photos of these vehicles could be available from EVOX Images soon. However, there are many new cars that are scheduled to make their debut soon.

While manufacturers release a new model every year of popular cars in their lineup, new vehicles are especially exciting for dealerships and, of course, for buyers. Dealerships might be on the lookout for automotive stock photos for these upcoming vehicles:

  • 2023 BMW XM
  • 2023 Ford Fusion Active
  • 2023 Ford Ranger
  • 2023 Nissan Z
  • 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz

About the BMW XM

Car and Driver reports that the XM will be a crossover. The photos of the upcoming vehicle look sleek and futuristic. Per Car and Driver, it will offer a turbo-charged V8 and will be able to drive up to 30 miles via electric power. The site estimates that it will be priced at around $150K; this new model is definitely for the luxury buyer.

Automotive Stock Photos

About the Ford Fusion Active

Car and Driver reports that the Fusion Active will be priced around $35K. The site noted that this new vehicle will be competing with the Subaru Outback; like the Outback, the Fusion Active will be designed more like a wagon and/or crossover. Car and Driver reported that it’s likely that the new model will offer all-wheel drive. Will it be a hybrid or standard engine? Buyers might need to wait and see. However, dealerships could be excited to advertise this new model.  

About the Ford Ranger

Ford has the best-selling vehicle in the country with the F-Series. In fact, the F-Series pickup truck has been the top-selling vehicle for more than four decades. The brand is currently taking reservations for the Ford Ranger, and buyers might jump on the opportunity if they want to drive away in this new truck. Both the electric F-150 Lightning and the hybrid Maverick were so popular that Ford stopped accepting orders.

MotorTrend reported that the truck might offer hybrid and electric powertrains. However, the site noted that the Maverick is likely to be more fuel efficient. The price has yet to be released.

Automotive Stock Photos

About the Nissan Z

Nissan is already offering its Nissan Z. The sports car has a starting MSRP of $49,990 and will feature a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine. Availability is limited, and buyers might need to decide quickly if they want the new Z.

About the 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz

The ID. Buzz is Volkswagen’s return to the iconic microbus from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The new bus won’t be exactly the same; in fact, the ID.Buzz is all electric. It will offer an estimated range of about 260 miles. According to Car and Driver, the buzz is that the new ID.Buzz will be priced at around $40K and will seat seven.

When Will Automotive Stock Photos be Available?

The new 2023 models are now available for many vehicles. However, not all the new models or new options have been unveiled. For dealerships, this means that stock photos also might not be available.

EVOX Images is adding new models as they are available. Dealerships should visit the site regularly to check for new stock photos for upcoming models. Many vehicles will include the following automotive stock photos:

  • 360 spin photos
  • Panorama photos
  • Three-angle colorized set
  • Full stills set
  • Splash images
  • Animated photos (colorized drive-ins, colorized drive-in/spins, colorized fly around, and colorized spin)

Use Stock Photos to Create Excitement about New Vehicles

Dealerships that are expecting a new vehicle to add to their inventory can (and should!) use stock photos to create interest and excitement. Stock photos can be integrated as  immersive experiences or be used as an impactful hero image.

To create immersive experiences online, dealerships can use 360 spin photos or panorama photos. Both of these image designs allow for consumers to interact with a model depiction of the vehicle of their choice. These 3D images let customers use a fingertip (via mobile devices) or a mouse to rotate the vehicle to view it from any angle. Panorama photos work the same way, but they let customers explore the interior of the vehicle.

Animated photos of new models can capture the attention of online visitors. Use animated photos as a hero image; these photos show a vehicle driving into the shot, spinning or from a different vantage point. As the vehicle moves, it also changes paint hues. These photos not only help buyers see the car in motion, but they can help buyers see all the paint options for the vehicle, too.

Automotive Stock Photos

Augment the Reality of New Models

EVOX Images offers a library of photos for different models that are compatible to use with either augmented reality or virtual reality experiences. Dealerships might want to help buyers explore and research a new vehicle; augmented reality preview experiences are an interactive and immersive solution for letting buyers check out vehicles at home.

Dealerships could create an augmented reality showroom experience that lets buyers pick from an inventory of different vehicles to preview in their own space. Augmented reality experiences require access to a user’s camera on their smartphone or tablet.

The user captures their environment with their camera, and the augmented reality experience integrates digital graphics in this space. For augmented reality showrooms, the experience lets users drop a 3D model of a selected car in their chosen environment. They could preview a car in their backyard, their garage or even place it in the kitchen.

Dealerships can design their own unique augmented reality experience. It might allow users to walk around a car, look inside the vehicle or even change the paint color.

When buyers are researching and trying to learn about a new vehicle, these experiences can provide more visual data than a one-dimensional photo. Augmented reality can show the vehicle to scale and buyers can get up close to look at different features of a car.

Photos to Include When Showcasing a New Vehicle

Dealerships might be excited to showcase a new vehicle when it arrives. These new cars add to the dealership’s offerings, and some buyers are waiting eagerly for new vehicles to arrive.

When models are available, dealerships might choose to include photos of the base trim to give potential buyers more insight as to what is offered at the lowest price point. EVOX Images offers a base trim library for different models; these photos can give budget buyers a better idea about the most affordable trim.

In addition, EVOX Images also offers extensive photos of a model’s interior and exterior. To showcase a new model and generate excitement, dealerships could consider an extensive slideshow for this new car. Add images that show the infotainment screen up close, let buyers see the wheels, and don’t forget about the cargo area.

Automotive Stock Photos

Let Buyers Hit Play

Promoting and advertising a new vehicle to the inventory shouldn’t just focus on photos. EVOX Images also offers video content for different  models. Dealerships also can check the site to find out if new video content has been added for newly released models.

Videos can give buyers a virtual tour of a vehicle. In addition, videos also can show the vehicle in motion and explain the vehicle’s features, too.

While some of these upcoming new vehicles won’t drive into showrooms for a while, dealerships should visit EVOX Images regularly so they don’t miss new vehicle photo and video content. Stay ahead of the competition and download and buy car stock images as soon as they drop.

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