Use Automotive Stock Photography to Showcase Couture Cars


There are luxury or premium vehicles and then there are vehicles that are at another level of affluence. Couture cars might be the best term for vehicles that are made just for the buyer. These vehicles can include extraordinary paint specs, unique features and little touches that add to the luxury of the drive.

Couture cars are for the buyer who doesn’t have or need a budget. Manufacturers of these custom creations include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce. Car dealerships that acquire these cars might highlight them to potential buyers. Automotive stock photography can be used to showcase couture cars and elevate their elegance.

Consider images that:

  • Offer an elegant backdrop
  • Infuse props to add an extra touch of luxury
  • Capture the unique offerings of the vehicle
  • Showcase unique paint work up close

Don’t Use Just Any Image

Couture cars that are customized for a specific buyer are unique. This is what makes them desirable. Not many dealerships will acquire these works of art, but those who do should market them effectively.

The couture car is beyond a DIY photo op. These vehicles need a professional to capture their beauty and all their luxury offerings. While automotive stock photography offers imagery of a specific make and model, a car photo library won’t be able to provide photos of a custom vehicle.

This is where custom stock photography becomes necessary. Dealerships might use standard stock photography to show off new inventory and provide a professional visual experience for the consumer.

Couture custom vehicles are, however, not the standard vehicle. To market a custom luxury automobile, the vehicle might benefit from its own photo shoot. These vehicles might be the supermodels of the car world.

EVOX Images offers custom photo options to dealerships. The photo shoot for these vehicles can include a unique backdrop or even luxury props.

Automotive Stock Photography

An Elegant Backdrop

When photographing a couture vehicle, a typical dealership backdrop might not translate into luxury. Instead, showcase the vehicle somewhere unique or special.

Consider photographing the vehicle in front of a museum, a beautiful home or a stunning fountain. Before choosing a backdrop for the photo shoot, be sure to get any necessary permission.

EVOX Images can photograph the car to the dealership’s specifications. However, consider the vehicle’s design structure and paint hue when choosing a backdrop. The vehicle has to be the focal point; don’t choose a backdrop that could visually overwhelm the consumer.

Consider Luxury Props

EVOX Images offers a few examples online of custom photo shoots. One photo includes champagne nestled in the vehicle. This isn’t just any champagne; it’s Moet-Chandon, one of the most expensive champagne brands.

Small touches add to the elegance of the photo shoot and create visual reminders of the luxury status of the vehicle. Consider using props as part of the car’s photo story.

Capture the Unique Individualized Interior Details

Some car owners add small but amazing interior details to their vehicle. The manufacturer also might provide upgrades to elevate the interior. If a couture car offers something unique, something magnificent, capture it.

However, some vehicles come with certain stipulations. In fact, Ferrari holds its buyers to standards, and Ferrari chooses its buyers. For example, Ferrari owners aren’t allowed to modify their Ferrari or opt for a paint hue like pink. Covering the Ferrari badge, per Autoevolution, also is not ok.

When showcasing the aspects of Ferraris, keep the pictures impeccable in quality and take close-up photos of any unique custom features like specific trim details.

Automotive Stock Photography

Showcase Unique Paint Detailing Up Close

Some car owners might choose a very specific paint detail for the exterior of their vehicle. The paint could change color in different lighting or there might be a unique design incorporated. For example, one Bugatti owner opted for custom paint so specific and unique that it took the company years to complete.

While dealerships might not come into possession of something quite so rare, anything is possible in the automotive world. Custom photo imagery might zoom in on any unique paint specifications to give potential buyers a complete understanding of the details.

What about Using Standard Automotive Stock Photography?

Since standard automotive stock photography captures the model with typical optional features or even base trim components, these photos won’t be able to capture custom options. Should dealerships who have a unique vehicle in their possession opt out of using standard stock imagery?

Not necessarily. These images could be used to tease potential customers about the upcoming new arrival. Dealerships might want to note that the vehicle pictured is only for informational purposes. However, when a dealership wants to create excitement, they may want to use a standard stock image.

EVOX Images offers stock imagery of luxury automobiles from Aston Martin, Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche and more. However, more unique or couture vehicles like Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini will require specialty photo shoots.

Again, these vehicles are often so unique that custom imagery is the best way to capture their artistry.

Automotive Stock Photography

Using Stock Imagery for Non-Custom Luxury Vehicles

Luxury vehicles don’t have to be custom. Many luxury manufacturers offer base models that still offer elegance and a high-end driving experience. Some buyers don’t want to wait for a vehicle, and they prefer to buy a luxury automobile from a dealership.

Spin Photos Create Interaction

Dealerships can showcase luxury vehicles—especially new models—using immersive 360 degree car photography. EVOX Images offers 360 degree exterior spin photos and 360 interior panorama photos. Spin photos allow the user to interact with the image by using a fingertip or a mouse.

With 360 degree exterior spin photos, a car shopper can turn the car around to see its design from every vantage point. Panorama photos work in the same manner; however, with interior spin panorama photos, the user feels like they are sitting in the front seat and looking around the vehicle.

Panorama photos let the user look all around the interior of the car. They can check out the moonroof, explore the space in the backseat or just see specific trim details in the doors.

These exploratory and immersive photos can be used by dealerships as part of an online slideshow for a particular model. Mix in these photos to add an element of surprise for cra shoppers as they scroll through images. Dealerships should let buyers know that a particular photo is interactive, though.

Spin photos also could be used via social media or in other marketing materials, too. Build excitement and engage an online audience with these photos.

Use Full-Stills Sets to Help Buyers in their Online Research

The luxury automotive buyer might not have a set budget. Instead, they might be looking for a vehicle that captures their personality, offers specific features or that offers unique technology. Limelight reports that luxury offerings make up just 6 percent of automotive sales.

Limelight explains that luxury buyers might focus on the high-end vehicle purchase because of the status it brings, to enhance self esteem or because they are passionate about a specific brand. The site also notes that certain brands may be better in terms of overall quality.

Marketing to the luxury buyer means showing imagery that isn’t just professional but informative and alluring, too. Full-stills sets offer interior and exterior details of the vehicle. The more images that a dealership can include, the more information it can present to a buyer.

The images included for any model help to visually sell that vehicle to the consumer. What does the luxury buyer want? Dealerships could zero in on the details that make the car a true luxury to own. Grab the images that show wood trim, leather-wrapped steering wheels, heads-up displays, etc.

The slideshow should include the ‘wow’ features of the luxury automobile. Dealerships shouldn’t exclude the visual details of the exterior. Show the vehicle from different angles. Choose photos that show unique headlights in detail and the tires, too. Every detail can capture the buyer’s attention.

What paint colors are offered for each specific model? Highlight the vehicle in the different paint hues. EVOX images offer three-angle color colorized sets. Sometimes seeing just a paint swatch isn’t enough; give luxury buyers more detail and more information via professional imagery.

When to Customize the Image

Dealerships who have a unique ‘couture car’ on their lot can use custom imagery from EVOX Images to capture its luxury qualities in amazing detail. For these vehicles, traditional automotive stock photographs might not be an option.

Luxury vehicles that aren’t custom, though, might be ideal to capture with automotive stock photos. Use stock photos via social media to generate excitement about a new model. Stock imagery also can be used to create a professional and detailed slideshow that serves to provide the buyer with all the key features of a particular model.

Mix in immersive 360 degree spin photos or interior panorama photos to engage shoppers online. These immersive photos also provide a unique way of exploring the interior and the exterior of the vehicle.

Luxury buyers might demand the ‘wow’ factor. When marketing couture cars and luxury vehicles, give these buyers a luxury experience online and via social media to capture their attention and, hopefully, boost sales, too.

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