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Many modern businesses and organizations rely on auto stock photography. These are professional photos of vehicles that can be licensed and used for a fee. Ideally, they should be high-quality photos that show all of the features of the vehicle. 

If you’re considering using car stock photos, take a minute to learn more about these photos, their uses, and why you should rely on crystal-clear images from EVOX.

Stock Photos for Car Dealerships

While all kinds of organizations utilize auto stock photography, car dealerships tend to rely on it the most. They may use these photos to set up virtual showrooms, market their products to customers, or provide comparisons from one vehicle to the next. 

For these dealerships, accurate, high quality photos are of the utmost importance. Customers have to be able to view every detail and aspect of each vehicle. Plus, the quality of the images reflects on the dealership. Bad photos can leave a lasting negative impression on customers and cause them to turn to other dealerships instead.

Stock Photos For Print Publications

Car dealerships aren’t the only businesses that make use of car stock photos. A wide range of print publications do as well. This might include magazines, advertising publications, brochures, flyers, and more. If you need to feature automotive images in your print publication, EVOX can help.

Auto Stock Photography

Stock Photos For Websites And Online Use

While print publications may still exist, online publications are far more prolific. Any time you use a photo on your website, blog, or in online advertising, you are essentially “publishing” it to the web. As such, you need to make sure you have the proper rights or license to do so. At EVOX, we offer a variety of long-term and short-term licensing options to suit your needs. Whether you need a photo for one-time online use or for extended use, we’ve got you covered.

Stock Photos for Car Rental Agencies

The car rental industry is a competitive one. While renters may only use a vehicle for a short period of time, they still want to know what they’re getting. Stock photos can show them the cars they have to choose from. Just like with dealerships, however, these photos need to be clear and accurate representations of the model and its features. Otherwise, you could end up with disappointed or dissatisfied customers. 

Stock Photos For Other Purposes

As you can see, stock photos are used for many reasons and purposes. The above examples are very common uses. However, other organizations or individuals also utilize these images. Maybe you need a stock photo to advertise a car you will give away as a prize in a contest or as part of a promotion. Or, perhaps you need an image you can use as part of an art project. Even if your needs are “outside of the box,” rest assured that EVOX has options to suit you.

Avoid Legal Issues

There are plenty of photos available online. Often, a simple click can save them to your phone or computer. But, using images without permission can sometimes land you in a world of legal trouble. If you want to avoid issues like copyright infringement, lawsuits, and the financial and reputational ruin they can cause, it’s important to use only those photos you have permission to use.

At EVOX, we’re always clear about which photos can be used, where, how, and for how long. Furthermore, we offer flexible licensing terms that can be tailored to meet your needs. Don’t take risks with your business. Instead, rely on our reputable, reliable database.

Skip The Hassle Of Hiring A Photographer

If licensing sounds too tricky, you may be tempted to hire a photographer to take the images you need. However, this can prove incredibly difficult, not to mention expensive. First, you’d need to have access to all the vehicles you want photographed. Then, you’d have to hire the photographer to come out, set up the perfect lighting conditions, and then take the photos. If your photo needs change, then you’d have to have the photographer repeat the process. Obviously, this is not practical or cost-efficient for most businesses. 

When you use our image library, there’s no need to find or pay a photographer. You can gain access to an extensive, up-to-date, and constantly evolving database of photos

Present Your Business in the Best Light

When businesses realize the challenges of hiring a photographer, they may be tempted to take their own photos. Unfortunately, though, this rarely works out. The result is often unfocused, embarrassing, and otherwise low quality images. Using photos like these can make your business look unprofessional and cost you customers.

At EVOX, every photo in our database is clear, polished, and of professional quality. You’ll be proud to display them on your website, app, or in your publication. Plus, you’ll show current and prospective customers that you settle for nothing less than the very best, which reflects positively on your business.

Auto Stock Photography

Access A Range Of Photo Options . . . And More

While auto stock photography can be incredibly useful, many modern customers want and demand more. They desire a more interactive experience than basic images can provide. And, with EVOX, you can give them exactly that.

Our library doesn’t just include simple photos. Instead, you can also gain access to:

  • Stills
  • Virtual Reality (VR) experiences
  • Panoramas
  • And more

Attract Customers 

Using quality car images can also help drive more traffic to your website or blog. When people are looking for a specific car, they may conduct a Google Images search to find it. If you have a lot of car photos on your site and have implemented proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, there’s a good chance the search could lead them straight to you.

At EVOX, we understand the importance of SEO. In fact, our images are designed with this in mind. They load quickly and are eye-catching and enticing. Furthermore, we can provide you with advice and suggestions on how to use our photos to help maximize your SEO efforts.

Enjoy An Abundance Of Images For Each Vehicle

You already know that EVOX provides access to a huge inventory of images. In fact, there are photos of over 12,000 vehicles. But, wait, it gets better! We don’t just offer one or two photos of each car in our library. Instead, we provide around 50 to 60 plus images of each and every vehicle. So, no matter what car you want to showcase or how many angles of it you need, we’re up for the challenge.

Learn More Today

Automotive stock images can be amazingly advantageous. But, for best results, you need a way to access as many photos as possible. EVOX is that way. If you’d like to learn more about our library and what it can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help transform the way you use auto stock photography.

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