Auto Photo Gallery: The Good, the Bad and the Most Creative


Dealership websites typically have at least one feature in common: an auto photo gallery. Some dealerships use stock photos to exhibit new models, others might hire a local photographer, and then there are dealerships that do everything in-house.

Most car dealerships offer new and used inventory, and an auto photo gallery for used models needs to capture all the important details of older models (especially any flaws). Every dealership might create a unique branded online hub for an auto photo gallery; however an auto photo gallery might include the following images of models:

  • Front shot of the vehicle
  • Back photo of the vehicle
  • Interior photos
  • Up-close images of wheels
  • Up-close images of features (like the infotainment screen, instrument panel, etc.)

These galleries could be designed to enhance the user experience with extensive photo slideshows, or they might include poorly photographed inventory that detracts online traffic. Some auto photo galleries are even creatively designed for an immersive experience.

Auto Photo Gallery

What Makes a Good Auto Photo Gallery?

Dealerships that might be interested in revamping their website might wonder what attributes encompass a good auto photo gallery. Here are four features of an inviting online auto photo gallery:

  • High-resolution photos
  • Photo variety (expansive slideshow)
  • Up-close shots of special features
  • Paint-color preview options

High-Resolution Photos

The most important feature of a high-quality photo gallery is an emphasis on high-resolution photos. Buyers cannot discern the appearance of a vehicle if the photo quality is poor; grainy, pixelated or blurry photos translate to a poor user experience.

Including low-resolution or poor quality photos of inventory also reflects poorly on the dealership’s professional image. These photos could look too DIY, and buyers might wonder why the dealership didn’t hire a pro.

Photo Variety

A variety of photos included for each model provides buyers with more information about that particular vehicle. Dealerships should include images of the vehicle taken from the front, the back, both sides and also include a variety of images that showcase the interior. Also, dealerships should include photos of the wheels/rims and trunk space, too.

Up-Close Looks at Special Features

For vehicles with really unique features, capture them with photos. Understand that buyers are using the dealership’s site to research their options; give them as much data about each vehicle as possible. However, most modern vehicles include infotainment screens, and buyers will want to see images of the screen. Some buyers might want a larger screen, and a photo helps them better visualize dimensions.

Paint Color Previews

Dealerships typically include online color swatches to show the available paint colors for each model. However, many buyers might prefer to be able to see the vehicle in each different paint color option. Dealerships can provide tools that let buyers preview paint colors. However, photo services like EVOX Images also provide images that show the vehicle in each available color choice.

Auto Photo Gallery

Imagery that Can Help Dealerships Create a More Unique Auto Photo Gallery

While there are basic photos that many buyers might wish to see for each vehicle model, there also are imagery options that can elevate the user experience on a dealership’s website. Not all dealerships offer augmented reality or virtual reality experiences. These unique experiences can provide an engaging and fun method for exploring vehicle options.

Dealerships might not know how to create these experiences. A pro that specializes in augmented reality marketing experiences can help design a unique augmented reality showroom. Car imagery from EVOX Images is compatible for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

These images can appear in the user’s environment (via augmented reality), or the user can explore the models in a virtual realm perhaps using Google Cardboard.

Dealerships also can integrate other unique images that encourage users to engage and explore the different models in the inventory. Spin exterior photos are 3D images that the user can turn around using a mouse or fingertip in order to view the vehicle from any different angle.

Spin interior panorama photos provide a similar experience for interior exploration. Interior panorama photos are unique in that the user feels as though they are sitting in the front seat looking around the car. The user can navigate and explore the interior of the vehicle using their finger or the mouse.

Dealerships can include spin photos for new models in their inventory. However, they also could opt for custom spin photos if they want to include this type of imagery for any pre-owned models in their inventory.

Auto Photo Gallery

Unexpected and Appreciated Photos for an Inventory Auto Gallery

When new models arrive at the dealership, they might be featured on the dealership’s website. The model might even be the hero image. Dealerships often include models that feature a few special upgrades or unique details. The base price of the vehicle will be noted, but, beneath that hero image photo of the new model, will likely be a note of that particular model’s higher price.

Some buyers are on a tight budget. They might be able to afford the base model of the vehicle. Can they find it on the dealership site? Sometimes dealerships don’t include photos of the base trim, and, in order for buyers to understand what the base looks like, they need to visit the dealership.

One important resource that a dealership could offer on its site that might differentiate it from the competition is the inclusion of base model photos. EVOX Images offers a base trim library, and these photos only include the features found on the base trim.

While dealerships might wish to show a new model that has more features than the base, offering base photos helps buyers understand what options are and are not included. They also might view photos of the base trim and think about what they’d like to add. The base photos can be a bit of a blank canvas for some buyers.

Offer Buyers a First Look

New models take time to appear at dealerships, but that doesn’t mean that dealerships can’t tease customers about the latest offerings. Offer customers a ‘first look’ at newer models with EVOX Images’ first look image gallery.

These images are available a few weeks before buyers will see them. Dealerships can use images from the first-look library on their website or tease them elsewhere. These photos offer a look at what buyers can expect from upcoming models.

Auto Photo Gallery

Use EVOX Images to Create the Most Impactful Auto Photo Gallery

An impactful auto photo gallery includes high-resolution photos and a variety of images to capture all the features of a model. More than 90 percent of buyers conduct their car research online, and these photos can help them better understand the offerings and design elements of different vehicles. Including base trim photos from EVOX Images also helps buyers visualize the features of a model before any upgraded features are included.

Dealerships that want to elevate the user experience on their site can integrate augmented reality or virtual reality experiences. In addition, EVOX Images’ spin photos can add a unique and exploratory element for online visitors. When dealerships want their auto photo gallery to stand apart from the competition, they can include ‘first look’ photos to tease buyers about new upcoming models.

The best auto photo gallery, though, is one that offers visitors enough photos for their car research needs and that provides a design that is easy to navigate. If the experience is lacking, the visitor might just drive off the page. Then again, dealerships also could take a note from Ling’s Cars and create a site that marches to a unique beat. No site visitor will ever forget Ling!

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