Best Auto Images for Your Used Car Dealership

You don’t have to sacrifice style to save money with a pre-owned vehicle. With the right framing and marketing tools, you can make your used inventory look brand new – no matter the year, make, or model.

Take a look at some elements to focus on to find the best auto images for your used car dealership.

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Choose a Subject with a Stunning Paint Job

We’re not saying you want to only attract buyers with mustard yellow racing stripes, but the colors you choose for your promo images can make a huge difference. 

All of your buyers walk on to the lot with different personalities, interests, and tastes. The shape of a car has a lot to do with its look and feel, but the color and texture of the paint also leaves an important impression. In fact, a car’s color can actually impact a vehicle’s resale value.

Mix it up, and use vibrant colors to attract the reader to specific sections and offers that you don’t want them to miss.

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Frame With the Dash View

Whether your clientele wants to spice up their Insta feed, or they just want to look at something pretty when they get behind the wheel, you don’t want to neglect this important area.

Using a mix of different angles can help you show off this part of any car, and it’s the best way to make any make or model appear more elevated. Include photos that feature a human element, such as the driver’s hand, to make it even more relatable. 

This is also a helpful trick to showcase the special features included with each vehicle. Choosing images of cars that feature all of the “bells and whistles” shows that your pre-owned inventory also includes newer cars or elevated models.

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Highlight the Front End and Grill

Just like we love to show off our pearly whites, your car’s front end is what makes the first statement.

In most cases, the front end is the most identifiable aspect of many makes and models. This is a great, subtle way to incorporate your brand’s niche while leaving room to expand to other vehicles. 

Be sure to include different material types as well, from chrome to polymer to carbon fiber. Each individual front end type fits with a certain personality and aesthetic, and your image gallery should give a comprehensive view of the audience you’re trying to attract.

Use images that show every aspect of this part of the car, from a variety of angles. Kits and other custom accessories also need some extra love, so it’s important to find images of many different makes and models.

Auto Image

Don’t Neglect the Rear Interior

This part of the car also says a lot about the full look and feels. It’s also a huge selling point for families, especially, who would be interested in the full amount of storage space, seating, and ease of use.

Hectic carpool schedules and long car rides mean lots of crumbs, spilled drinks, and other messes fill the back of many cars. For this reason, it’s important to include the interior types, materials, and specifications to include a variety of lifestyles.

SUVs and vans might be the first family cars that come to mind, but make sure to also include rear-view photos of sedans and compacts as well.

Make sure to highlight different types of rear interiors, from multi-row vans to compact coupes. Show the windows, various upholstery materials, and everything in between.

Auto Image

Side Panels Show Off Size and Style

Every car’s side profile is flattering, and this is the best way to showcase a truly eye-catching vehicle. It’s also a great way to showcase multiple cars or one at a time.

If you want to highlight that your business specializes in certain car types, side panel photos draw attention to specific aspects of the car like the doors, height, and length. Do you want pickup drivers to saturate your consumer base, or do compact sports cars fit better with your brand’s image?

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Show Off the Full Picture

For obvious reasons, you can’t go wrong with showing the entirety of the car you’re trying to sell. Choosing aerial photos or images shot with a wider lens can elevate the look and feel of any car.

The key to this tactic is making sure that your images are top quality. Contrast, exposure, and clarity go a long way when most consumers spend less than 3 seconds on a webpage.

Another important thing to consider is how the car’s color fits with your branding and aesthetic. When you’re showing the entire vehicle, the colors and styles you use have a significant impact on the look and feel of the page as a whole

360-Degree Interactive Images or Videos Show Dimension

Want to really make a statement on your website or social media page? Using a moving image is a quick way to draw the reader’s eye without much effort. 

Simply adding one video to your main website or social media page can increase engagement by up to 80%

It also helps the consumer dive into the advertising they’re looking at. In other words, they’ll feel more inclined to picture themselves in one of the cars on your product page.

When it comes to digital and print marketing, imaging is everything. Consumers are fast-moving, and it only takes a few seconds for them to decide if they want to stay on the page or move on.

Take a look at our library of the best auto images and videos for your used car dealership.

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