Auto Dealership Stock Photos – Car Stock Photos & Images

When you run an auto dealership, your primary focus is selling the right cars to the right buyers. However, in today’s world, not everyone wants to come into a dealership and consult with a salesperson. 

Instead, many modern buyers want and demand to do their shopping online. Fortunately, auto dealerships can provide an enjoyable online shopping experience through the use of car stock photos and images. And, with EVOX, obtaining the images you need is easier than ever. EVOX features a comprehensive library of attractive, high quality car photos that can help you seal the deal and make more sales.

Provide A True Picture

With more people than ever shopping for cars online, it’s imperative that your dealership is prepared to serve them. You can provide tons of content about every car you offer, as well as detailed lists of specs and features. However, none of that matters if you don’t have accurate, clear photos of your available vehicles.

EVOX understands the importance of precise, truly representative car stock photos. For this reason, every image in the database is designed to provide the “big picture” of what the car looks like. Shoppers can view the interior and exterior from every possible angle, all with great lighting and crystal clear image quality, to help them make a buying decision they’ll be satisfied with.

Auto Dealership Stock Photos

Offer An Immersive Experience

While modern buyers may not want to travel to a dealership, they still want the full car buying experience, which is what EVOX provides. You can use the expansive image library, which also includes videos and panoramas, to set up a true virtual showroom. Provide shoppers with everything they need to know about a vehicle from the comfort of their own home. They can even search for and separate vehicles by year, color, model, make, and more. Your customers will feel like they’re shopping right in your showroom, all while enjoying extreme ease and incredible convenience.

Provide Pressure-Free Sales

Many shoppers hate sales pitches and pressure. In fact, it’s often one of the reasons they avoid in-person car shopping. However, when you provide stock photos and car information online, you can effectively market to those who desire a pressure-free experience . . . all without seeming like you’re marketing to them. They’ll enjoy the comfort that at-home shopping provides. But, at the same time, they won’t be able to take their eyes off the striking images designed to showcase each vehicle’s best features.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

These days, buyers have no shortage of car dealerships to choose from. That’s why it’s vital for your dealership to stand out. If your website features no vehicle images or, even worse, poor quality images, customers will be on to the next site in no time flat. When you offer a range of pleasing, clear automotive images, on the other hand, they’re likely to stick around. Don’t miss out on sales or tarnish your reputation with lackluster photos. Instead, put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression with stock images from EVOX.

Auto Dealership Stock Photos

Save Money

Gaining access to the photos you need can be a challenge. For most dealerships, it’s not practical or economical to have a photographer come out and take photos of every available vehicle. That’s why stock photo libraries are so popular. Unfortunately, though, a lot of them charge for each image used, which can get expensive. EVOX, on the other hand, can provide you with a custom photo library that allows you to access and use the necessary images for one flat price. You can save money and enjoy the convenience of getting all your photos from one place.

Reach A Wider Audience

Providing clear, easy-to-browse automotive photos is beneficial to both you and your customers. In order to have maximum benefit, however, it’s important that your images are compatible with all the technology your customers might use to access them. EVOX’s images, videos, and other features can display correctly across various computer web browsers and mobile devices, making it the wisest choice for reaching the widest possible audience.

Offer The Latest and Greatest Images

In a normal, non-pandemic year, a lot of new cars get produced. And, with production rearing back into full gear, there’s a good chance that your dealership will soon have plenty of new cars to offer. Fortunately, EVOX is up to the challenge. It regularly updates its inventory of photos, allowing you to showcase the latest and greatest vehicles available. If you sell the newest cars, having a photo library that grows right along with the industry is imperative to your success.

Keep Customers Happy

Sometimes, customers might fall in love with a car online, only to be disappointed by it in person. Luckily, EVOX has safeguards in place to keep that from happening. Users can zoom in on any image to see a vehicle up close. Accurate lighting ensures a true representation of a vehicle’s color, styling, and other features. Plus, users can view cars with or without various upgrades and in every OEM color available. This allows them to compare images and make the absolute best buying decision for themselves. As a result, they’re less likely to be let down and more likely to give your dealership rave reviews.

Auto Dealership Stock Photos

Use Photos For Longer

Licensing agreements dictate the length of time a stock photo can be used, as well as other rights and permissions. Some types of licensing agreements are not beneficial or cost-effective to dealerships. But, EVOX offers extended licensing options, which can allow dealerships to use the photos they need for longer. By selecting the right extended terms, you can save money and avoid problems, such as not being able to use a particular photo when needed.

Move Beyond Images

While stock photos are important for automotive dealerships, many customers want more. They want the type of online shopping experience that only the most up-to-date and innovative technology can provide. For this reason, EVOX offers not only a great database of photos but other useful tools as well. These include a complete virtual reality (VR) library packed with stereoscopic images, spins, and panoramas, as well as virtual showroom tools, a user-friendly app, and augmented reality assets. You can learn about these features and how to put them to use for your dealership by consulting with the EVOX team.

Learn More Today

Your dealership deserves the very best stock photos. This means professional quality images, easy accessibility, compatibility with a range of technology, and convenient licensing terms. Fortunately, you can find all of that and so much more when you choose EVOX as your trusted photo provider. If you’re ready to provide a great experience for your customers and reap the benefits, then it’s time to turn to EVOX. Contact them today to learn more. They can help create a custom solution that will meet your needs and help you accomplish your present and future goals.