How Data Moves Inventory

How Data Moves Inventory

Businesses collect data related to their target audiences and what type of products might interest them. This data isn’t something that’s necessarily captured online, although some information could be related to online data. Previous purchases and online inquiries could allow car dealerships to better understand their customers. In addition, sales

Text Message Marketing Ideas

5 Text Message Marketing Ideas for Dealerships

A comprehensive marketing plan includes all the marketing outreach programs and communiqués for the year (or beyond) across multiple media. For example, social media marketing might include both paid advertising as well as outline potential posts that will be included via the dealership’s social media accounts. While social media and

Marketing Tips to Help Move Inventory

Use These Marketing Tips to Help Move Inventory

Car prices have been higher as demand has increased, and cars might have moved off the lots without much effort. As interest rates for car loans might be higher in response to the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes, some models might not be so easy to sell. Inflation also might be

Car Dealers in 2023

Ultimate Guide to Utilizing TikTok for Car Dealers in 2023

With over 1 billion users, TikTok is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms right now. Using TikTok is a way for a car dealership to build a huge following quickly. This is great for dealerships that are trying to sell their inventory online or sell on their

Google Ads for Dealerships

Here’s Why Google Ads for Dealerships is a Powerful Tool for Marketing

Advertising has become a virtual experience and many businesses choose to increase their visibility to potential customers with targeted online ads, which enable businesses to zero in on a specific audience and even a particular geographic range. Car dealerships can create carousel ads that let customers view specific inventory or

Dealership Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Car Dealership Marketing

The internet has made it incredibly easy for car buyers to find new cars without ever having to leave their home. It is not likely that they will go around from dealership to dealership to find the right car anymore, so marketing your car dealership is more important than ever.

Maintaining Local Engagement

Maintaining Local Engagement as a Car Dealer as E-commerce Car Sales Increase

As digital and e-commerce car sales are becoming more popular, keeping up engagement within your community can start to slip. While you might be selling more cars online, it is important to remember that you still have a local community to sell to as well. While online dealerships are bringing

Car Dealership Pictures

Check Out These Car Dealership Pictures

The car dealership has been around for generations. Once the Model T started rolling off the assembly lines, consumers needed a way to purchase those new automobiles. As the industry has changed, so, too, have car dealerships. Small family-owned dealerships might have been the norm, but now large corporate dealerships

Using Social Media to Reach Buyers as a Car Dealer

Using Social Media to Reach Buyers as a Car Dealer

In today’s world, so many people use social media as a way to not only socialize, but to learn about something they are planning to purchase. This is no different for people looking to buy a car. As a car dealer, it is important to learn how to use social

Increase Engagement as a Car Dealer

5 Interactive Content Styles to Increase Engagement as a Car Dealer

As digital marketing and social media marketing quickly increase, it can be tricky to always be up-to-date on the latest trends. As a car dealer, it can seem almost impossible to compete with other dealers around your area.  Luckily, there are things you can do to rise above the rest

Premium Car Stock Photos

These are the Newest Premium Car Stock Photos

EVOX Images is constantly adding new photos to its car stock photo libraries. As new model years are introduced for each vehicle and each major auto brand, EVOX Images incorporates high-quality stock photo assets for each of these vehicles for dealerships to use for their marketing needs. The newest premium

Promote Your Car Dealership

5 Tips to Effectively Promote Your Car Dealership in a Competitive Market

In today’s market, it can seem almost impossible to keep up with competitors in the car business. As online marketing becomes more popular, car dealerships are taking advantage of it to gain access to a wider audience and increase their sales. Online marketing isn’t the only way to market a

Car Showroom Stock Photo

Why Should Car Dealerships Use a Car Showroom Stock Photo?

Car dealerships might be searching for interesting photos that they can use as a hero image or just a filler image for their website. Car stock photos are high-resolution images that can add to the impact of the website, and dealerships might utilize these photos to showcase new models and

inside car stock photo

Here are the Best Inside Car Stock Photos for Online Marketing Experiences

According to the 2021 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study, car buyers spent five hours and 22 minutes researching and shopping for a new car online. When the car shortage hit, dealership websites saw higher online traffic according to the 2021 study. Dealership websites can be important resources for buyers

Email Marketing for Your Car Dealership

8 Tips to Crush Email Marketing for Your Car Dealership

One of the best ways to get repeat customers, or for past customers to refer new customers to your dealership, is through email marketing. Email marketing is cost efficient and is proven to drive results. If you are thinking about using email marketing for your auto dealership, consider these eight

Car Engine Stock Photo

Why a Car Engine Stock Photo Should be Included in a Car Model’s Slideshow Story

Car dealerships often include a photo slideshow for models in their inventory. These photos help buyers understand more about the car and its features. There is one stock photo that dealerships shouldn’t skip for the car photo slideshow, and its inclusion or lack thereof could break a buyer’s decision. The

Dealership Marketing Mistakes

Avoiding Common Dealership Marketing Mistakes

Making mistakes in your advertising is like throwing money and leads away. If you are spending money on marketing your dealership but not attracting any new customers, it is time to reevaluate your approach. Mistakes in marketing are quite common by any dealership, but yours isn’t just any dealership. Yours

Best Car Stock Photos

These are the Best Car Stock Photos to Use in Blog Articles

Car dealerships might utilize car stock photos to promote vehicles on their website, on social media or even for online ads and marketing materials. However, there is one space where dealerships might not think to use these photos: blog articles. Car dealerships without a blog should consider embracing this marketing

Auto Dealership Marketing Plan

How to Create An Effective Auto Dealership Marketing Plan

The auto dealership industry is incredibly competitive, which is why marketing is so important. The right marketing plan can help your dealership stand out from its competitors, attract new customers, and increase revenue.  But if you’re new to the world of marketing, creating a marketing plan for your dealership from

Car Dealership Marketing

Car Dealership Marketing Plans Should Include These Tactics

Car dealerships might rework their marketing plans to navigate changes in the market. While not all dealerships might create a formal marketing plan, they might follow a path of strategies to keep consistent messaging and to heighten their visibility and outreach to customers. Dealerships might implement advertising campaigns online (or

Sales and Marketing Tips to Help Boost Traffic

Sales and Marketing Tips to Help Boost Traffic Online and In-Person

Covid changed the rules of the car-shopping process. In the days or years before Covid, buyers visited car dealerships, sat in car models, took a test drive and completed the deal in person. While online sites were useful for researching and shopping for the best prices, car buying was typically

Sports Car Stock Photos

These Sports Car Stock Photos Drive Excitement Online

As new 2023 vehicle models drive into dealership showrooms and lots, EVOX Images also is updating its list of available stock images to include many 2023 models. Since not all these models have yet arrived, buyers might still be focused on 2022 models. In fact, sports cars enthusiasts might zero

Car Dealership Digital Marketing

5 Tips to Create Impactful Car Dealership Digital Marketing Content

Blogs, website content, online ads and social media content are all part of digital marketing. While the budget could impact the ad spend for online advertising opportunities, other marketing outreach could be virtually free for businesses. Marketing is unique to each car dealership, and what works for one dealership might

Car Dealership Stock Photos

Here’s Why to Avoid Using Car Dealership Stock Photos

Car stock photos are an ideal and professional resource that allows car dealerships to showcase new models with clarity and in precise detail. EVOX Images offers numerous high-resolution, studio quality stock photos and stock photo libraries for each model. Yet, when a dealership wants to showcase the business, using car

Higher-Quality Leads

10 Tips for Higher-Quality Leads

Dealerships might receive leads via online ads or even on their website. These leads might be from serious buyers or they might lead absolutely nowhere. The ‘dead-end’ leads can frustrate sales team members who might spend hours answering questions or working with the potential customer. How can dealerships gain more

Car Stock Photo High Resolution

Car Stock Photo: High Resolution Images are Best for Websites

Car dealerships want to amplify their online visibility. There are many recommendations from SEO experts and other marketing experts that can help a dealership rise to the top of the search engine rankings. While appearing at the top of search results boosts awareness of the business and can increase visibility,

Dealership Customer Experience

How to Create a Great Dealership Customer Experience

While a dealership’s bottom line might be measured in how many sales it makes, the factors that go into those sales are full of vital data points that can bring in more sales and repeat business. Customers might even pay more if they know they are getting what they want

High-Quality Car Images

High-Quality Car Images Include These Features and Attributes

Images can help buyers understand more about a business’ products and different offerings. Images also can help consumers put a face to a name when working with a sales team member virtually. Car dealerships probably know that images heighten the online user experience, but not all images are impactful. Car

Studio Quality Car Photos

How Can Dealerships Find Studio Quality Car Photos?

Photos can elevate or diminish the impact of a dealership’s website. Ideally, car dealerships want to integrate high-resolution, professional imagery to ensure that every vehicle in the inventory is marketed and depicted with the most visual interest possible. Some dealerships might not be too concerned about the images they use.