EVOX Images: Intuitive API for Car Images


Searching for the best car image could be a bit of a hunt for dealerships if they are using the wrong image library. Some image providers make subscribers click through multiple folders and download a file full of different images just to find that one perfect snapshot of a model.

Dealerships don’t have time to sort through unnecessary files only to come up frustrated and lacking the image or images they need for their site or a marketing endeavor. EVOX Images uses an intuitive API for car images to ensure that dealerships don’t have to spend hours looking for the right photo. Here’s how EVOX Images simplifies the search.

What Does Intuitive API Mean?

Dealerships might wonder what API or intuitive API even means for imagery. API is an acronym for application programming interface, but dealerships don’t necessarily need to understand this technology and everything it entails. The takeaway is simple: API creates an easy and focused solution for image searches and other information, too.

Dealerships have likely run into API before. When paying with a payment tool like PayPal or Venmo via another business or website, this login on the business site for the payment center is a form of API.

API for Car Images

How Does API Simplify the Image Search for Dealerships?

With EVOX Images, dealerships can use a simple search query toolbar to find the image that they want for any specific make/model. Instead of downloading a folder filled with photos or even clicking a file within another file, API lets dealerships quickly and easily access the exact image from any car model.

Every model includes a variety of images that dealerships can view quickly and easily. EVOX images offers the following image options for each vehicle in the inventory:

  • Still sets (50 to 60 shots of the interior and exterior of the vehicle)
  • Exterior spin photos
  • 360 degree spin photos (including interior panorama photos)
  • Three-angle color sets (to showcase different paint hues)
  • Video footage of each car (including fly-around videos, editorial videos and more)
  • Sets of images that can be used in augmented reality experiences

All these images can be quickly viewed by simply selecting the make/model and year of any vehicle. Dealerships can use a toolbar to select the assets they want and need for their website or marketing endeavor.

With EVOX Images’ intuitive API, dealerships don’t need to sort through spin photos or still sets if they just want a three-angle color set. Use the easy navigation tools to select the images the dealership needs, and omit the photos that aren’t necessary.

EVOX Images will show only the selected results. These photos that appear in the search results also aren’t tagged as merely a folder or file. Dealerships actually see the image in their results. The photo of the car from a side view will appear or the actual spin photo (if that was the desired search).

This intuitive and smart search tool lets dealerships zero in on the right image. There is no guesswork. Time is valuable, and most dealerships don’t want to waste time sorting through files of vehicle photos.

Find the Right Photo for Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

Some dealerships integrate augmented reality experiences into their website to enhance the user experience online. Not every image is compatible with augmented reality and virtual reality, and dealerships might struggle to find assets that can be used to create these experiences.

EVOX Images’ intuitive API also simplifies the search for photos that can be integrated into augmented reality or virtual reality experiences. Dealerships just need to use the toolbar to access the library for augmented reality imagery. They can explore all the images that are compatible with this interactive and immersive technology.

API for Car Images

Finding the Best Images for Social Media

EVOX Images’ API isn’t designed to specifically search for images for social media or even website content. The reason is that every dealership has their own preferences about what photos they want to use to accompany a social media update or post.

All images can be used on social media sites, online ads and, of course, on dealership websites. The images a dealership chooses for a particular marketing outreach endeavor is entirely up to the business. Every dealership has a marketing tone and style; many dealerships also embrace a particular brand and their tone, online style and social media presence helps to support that brand.

What if the Dealership Can’t Find a Particular Photo?

While it doesn’t happen often, there could be an instance where a dealership cannot find a particular photo or a specific car via EVOX Images. This might happen simply because the car in the dealership might be a rare specimen (like a one-off ‘Lady Bug’ Bugatti Divo).

Sometimes dealerships come into possession of really unique vehicles, and stock imagery simply can’t adequately capture the interesting elements of the particular model. In these situations, dealerships can decide to schedule a custom photo shoot with EVOX Images.

A custom photo shoot lets the dealership decide what photos are necessary to market the vehicle. The photo shoot also can include a unique backdrop and even props to enhance the impact of the imagery and to further complement the design and unique personality or style of the vehicle. For example, a photo shoot of a luxury automobile might include a vintage bottle of wine or champagne.

In addition, the dealership also might decide to include personal branding as part of the custom photo shoot. Perhaps the vehicle is photographed in front of the dealership signage.

Custom photos will be unique to the dealership and to each individual vehicle. These photos will not be included in the EVOX Images online car photo library and will only be accessible to the dealership.

API for Car Images

With EVOX Images, the Search is Simple

Dealerships might not understand API or what it means for imagery. However, when they use EVOX Images to access vehicle stock photos, they will learn that the intuitive API helps to simplify their search and allows them to save time on finding the best images for their marketing needs.

API expands the accessibility of imagery by taking the guesswork out of the search. Dealerships can refine their search query to the exact images they need, and only these images are displayed on the page as part of the results.

While other image libraries might require dealerships to click a file folder and search through thousands of different images, the intuitive search capabilities offered by EVOX Images allows dealerships to find only what they need when they need it.

There isn’t any guesswork. When dealerships need to access a photo of a model’s infotainment system, they can easily pursue their options using the smart search tools via EVOX Images. While API might seem like a mystical computer term for dealerships to decipher, there is no need for dealerships to decode how API really works.

Instead, they can simply conduct a search via EVOX Images to understand that this simple acronym saves time and frustration in securing the best assets for any marketing need. Find out how intuitive API simplifies the hunt for vehicle imagery and why EVOX Images is the best stock photo library to use for all a dealership’s marketing endeavors.

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