The Importance of 360° Car Exterior Spin Images


In the past, people who were shopping for a new car traveled from dealership to dealership to hunt for the perfect vehicle. But these days, most of the steps involved in the process of buying a new car take place online. 

Instead of visiting dealers in person, consumers browse their inventory online. These consumers want to see every angle of a vehicle to determine if it’s right for them, which is why static vehicle images are no longer enough to attract new customers to your dealership. The best way to draw these customers in is with 360° car exterior spin images.

What Are 360° Car Exterior Spin Images?

360° exterior spin images are interactive images that allow your customers to view the exterior of a vehicle from every angle. A spin image gives consumers the opportunity to see the unique lines, curves, and proportions of a vehicle without stepping foot into a dealership. 

If a consumer views a 360° spin image on their computer, they can drag their mouse to rotate the vehicle. If the image is viewed on a tablet or mobile device, all it takes is a swipe of the finger to rotate the image. With the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse, customers can finally see the complete picture of a vehicle.

Some images will even start to spin automatically even if the user does not use their mouse or finger to rotate it. These images will catch the eyes of anyone who is scrolling through their social media newsfeed or browsing through countless listings of cars for sale online.

360° Car Exterior Spin Images

What Are the Benefits of 360° Car Exterior Spin Images?

In today’s world, car shoppers want to view as many images as possible of a vehicle before ever stepping foot in a dealership. These shoppers scour the web at home to find photos of vehicles that will help them make this important purchase decision. If you only have static images on your website, consumers may visit your competitors’ websites to find more detailed images of the vehicles they are interested in purchasing.

Dealers need to utilize 360° exterior spin images in order to stay competitive in this rapidly changing market. 

Showing these shoppers a complete 360° view of a vehicle will help them imagine what they will look like behind the wheel and more importantly, how good the vehicle will look in their driveway. Seeing vehicles from all angles can help shoppers narrow down their list and find the vehicle that’s right for them. 

Providing a 360° view of a car can make all the difference when it comes to converting a lead into a customer.

360° exterior spin images are also far more visually stimulating and interesting than static images. Using these images will help you grab consumers’ attention and keep them engaged.

360° Car Exterior Spin Images

How to Use 360° Car Exterior Spins

There are a number of ways to use 360° car spins to grow your business. 

Most car shoppers begin the process of looking for a new car online before they ever visit a dealership. These shoppers are looking for a car showroom experience from the comfort of their home. The best way to provide this experience is using 360° car spins to showcase your inventory on your website. 

Using these 360° spins allows shoppers to virtually walk around the exterior of the vehicle just like they would in a real car showroom. Providing this experience will help you stand out from other dealerships and attract more online shoppers to your business.   

EVOX Images® 360° car spins can also be used to help you build a stronger presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Post these 360° spins on Facebook and Instagram to show your followers the latest model that’s arrived at your dealership. You can also post 360° exterior images of vehicles that will be arriving at your dealership soon to build excitement among your followers.

Or create YouTube videos with these 360° car spins and a professional voiceover that explains the vehicle’s unique features and benefits. You can even post links to these videos on your other social media pages to ensure you get as many views as possible. Regardless of which social media platform you choose, it’s easy to create compelling content that will grab your followers’ attention with these high quality, interactive 360° images.

You can use 360° exterior spin images offline as well. For example, say a customer likes one of the vehicles available at your dealership, but isn’t crazy about the color. Instead of letting this customer walk out the door, show them 360° exterior spin images of the vehicle in other colors. Seeing these interactive images will make the customer feel like they’re seeing the other color options in real life. This way, they can confidently decide what color they want without actually seeing it in person. 

These are some of the many ways that dealerships can use 360° vehicle spins to grow their business in the online and offline world.

360° Car Exterior Spin Images

Where to Find 360° Car Exterior Spin Images

Creating high quality 360° images of a vehicle is not easy. In fact, it requires various types of special equipment, including a tripod, dolly, track, and of course, a camera capable of capturing high resolution images of every angle of a vehicle. You will also need specialized software that is designed to combine the pictures together to create one image that seamlessly rotates all the way around the car.

Don’t waste your limited resources on creating interactive images on your own. Rely on a vehicle stock image database to provide the interactive images you need to meet the demands of your customers.

What to Look For in 360° Car Exterior Spin Images

All 360° spin images are not created equal. Don’t simply choose the first vehicle stock image database you come across. Instead, take the time to find a database that contains the highest quality 360° spin images. Here are some of the qualities that every 360° exterior spin image should have:

  • Good lighting: The lighting should highlight the vehicle’s best features and make the vehicle look more attractive and desirable to consumers.
  • Accurate colors: The color of the vehicle in the spin image should match the color of the vehicle in real life. If it doesn’t, consumers who fall in love with the vehicle after looking at the spin image online may be disappointed once they see it in person.
  • Consistency: The lighting and quality of the 360° spin image should remain the same as the vehicle rotates. If the lighting is suddenly noticeably darker or lighter, this will be distracting to the consumer. 

Don’t settle for less than what your customers deserve—look for a 360° exterior spin image with all of these important qualities.

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