Maintaining Local Engagement

Maintaining Local Engagement as a Car Dealer as E-commerce Car Sales Increase

As digital and e-commerce car sales are becoming more popular, keeping up engagement within your community can start to slip. While you might be selling more cars online, it is important to remember that you still have a local community to sell to as well. While online dealerships are bringing

Car-Buying Tips

10 Important Car-Buying Tips

To find the best car for the spending limit, buyers might scour dealership websites for deals and to better understand which lot offers the lowest prices. However, not every deal might be what it seems. There are few tips and myths buyers need to understand when shopping for a new

Car Dealership Pictures

Check Out These Car Dealership Pictures

The car dealership has been around for generations. Once the Model T started rolling off the assembly lines, consumers needed a way to purchase those new automobiles. As the industry has changed, so, too, have car dealerships. Small family-owned dealerships might have been the norm, but now large corporate dealerships

Best Muscle Cars 2022

What are the Best Muscle Cars 2022 Models?

Car buyers looking for speed and power might focus their search on classic American muscle cars. These cars are known for larger engines that amp up the speed and the acceleration, too. Through the years, though, the available options from different brands might have changed. Some models have come and

Using Social Media to Reach Buyers as a Car Dealer

Using Social Media to Reach Buyers as a Car Dealer

In today’s world, so many people use social media as a way to not only socialize, but to learn about something they are planning to purchase. This is no different for people looking to buy a car. As a car dealer, it is important to learn how to use social

Average Down Payment on a Car with No Credit

What is the Average Down Payment on a Car with No Credit?

Some younger consumers might be ready to purchase their first car. However, they might not have established credit. When lenders offer financing for a vehicle or other purchase, they pull the individual’s credit scores to understand their credit worthiness and/or risk. Potential buyers who don’t have any credit history might

Best Online Car Dealer

How to Find the Best Online Car Dealer

The Covid pandemic likely sped up the auto industry’s evolution especially as it relates to online car shopping. Prior to the pandemic, the dealership website typically served as a resource for shoppers looking for prices on cars, available inventory and perhaps deals and incentives, too. Shelter-in-place orders closed nonessential businesses,

Best Time to Trade In a Car

When is the Best Time to Trade In a Car?

Car owners might be bored of driving their current car. As new models are introduced, consumers might notice that they have cooler features or a new or unique design. Some car owners might just not like their current car or they are in a place financially where they can afford

Cheapest New Cars

What are the Cheapest New Cars for 2023?

The average purchase price for a new car is still more than $48,000. In addition, as the Federal Reserve increases interest rates, buyers might face higher annual percentage rates (APR ) related to their car loans. Buyers who are focused on a tighter budget might need to find a car

Increase Engagement as a Car Dealer

5 Interactive Content Styles to Increase Engagement as a Car Dealer

As digital marketing and social media marketing quickly increase, it can be tricky to always be up-to-date on the latest trends. As a car dealer, it can seem almost impossible to compete with other dealers around your area.  Luckily, there are things you can do to rise above the rest

Premium Car Stock Photos

These are the Newest Premium Car Stock Photos

EVOX Images is constantly adding new photos to its car stock photo libraries. As new model years are introduced for each vehicle and each major auto brand, EVOX Images incorporates high-quality stock photo assets for each of these vehicles for dealerships to use for their marketing needs. The newest premium

Out the Door Price Calculator

What is an Out the Door Price Calculator?

When shopping for a new or used vehicle, consumers might look at the price on the sticker to better understand their final purchase price. While this is a good starting price, the sticker isn’t the full story about the cost of the car. The buyer will likely allocate a down

best electric car for mountain driving

What is the Best Electric Car for Mountain Driving?

Electric car owners might be preparing to take their EV on the road for a trip to see friends and/or family during the holidays. Their journey might take them through mountain ranges. Are all electric vehicles capable of navigating the roads that weave through mountainous regions? Driving an electric vehicle

Promote Your Car Dealership

5 Tips to Effectively Promote Your Car Dealership in a Competitive Market

In today’s market, it can seem almost impossible to keep up with competitors in the car business. As online marketing becomes more popular, car dealerships are taking advantage of it to gain access to a wider audience and increase their sales. Online marketing isn’t the only way to market a