Car Showroom Stock Photo

Why Should Car Dealerships Use a Car Showroom Stock Photo?

Car dealerships might be searching for interesting photos that they can use as a hero image or just a filler image for their website. Car stock photos are high-resolution images that can add to the impact of the website, and dealerships might utilize these photos to showcase new models and

Best Gas Mileage Trucks

What are the Best Gas Mileage Trucks?

Pickup trucks might not be known for their fuel efficiency. Some pickup truck engines use diesel for power, while others operate on standard gasoline, and, when towing, the gas mileage of a pickup truck can decrease even further. Not all car buyers purchase a pickup truck for their towing power

Nissan Sentra Incentives

Where Can Buyers Find Nissan Sentra Incentives?

While Nissan is discontinuing the Nissan Rogue Sport, the Nissan Sentra remains in the brand’s lineup. The Sentra is popular with buyers for its affordability, fuel efficiency and safety. The 2022 Sentra received a Top Safety Pick rating/award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS); it is priced at

inside car stock photo

Here are the Best Inside Car Stock Photos for Online Marketing Experiences

According to the 2021 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study, car buyers spent five hours and 22 minutes researching and shopping for a new car online. When the car shortage hit, dealership websites saw higher online traffic according to the 2021 study. Dealership websites can be important resources for buyers

honda odyssey vs toyota sienna

Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna: Which One Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for a vehicle with more space, you may want to consider upgrading to a minivan. Minivans are comfortable, functional, and durable vehicles. Even though they’re often associated with soccer moms, minivans are designed for all types of drivers. In fact, they’re often viewed as an alternative to

can you trade in a car you just bought

I Just Bought a Car, Can I Trade It In?

Buying a car is a long process that involves doing a lot of research, picking out a vehicle that fits your needs, and negotiating with the seller for a price that is fair to both parties. Perhaps you take out a car loan either from the dealer or with your

Email Marketing for Your Car Dealership

8 Tips to Crush Email Marketing for Your Car Dealership

One of the best ways to get repeat customers, or for past customers to refer new customers to your dealership, is through email marketing. Email marketing is cost efficient and is proven to drive results. If you are thinking about using email marketing for your auto dealership, consider these eight

Car Engine Stock Photo

Why a Car Engine Stock Photo Should be Included in a Car Model’s Slideshow Story

Car dealerships often include a photo slideshow for models in their inventory. These photos help buyers understand more about the car and its features. There is one stock photo that dealerships shouldn’t skip for the car photo slideshow, and its inclusion or lack thereof could break a buyer’s decision. The

Top Electric Pickup Trucks

What Are the Top Electric Pickup Trucks?

When hearing the words pickup truck, most tend to envision a large-bodied vehicle with a big loud engine that guzzles gas or diesel. From when EVs first entered mainstream production to 2023 and beyond, the technology that has gone into them has made them serious contenders when compared to combustion

Best Car Technology 2023

What is the Best Car Technology 2023 Models Offer Consumers?

Integration of computer-based technology has allowed cars to operate smarter and safer. Now vehicles are equipped with camera systems that allow the driver to see behind the car and all around the vehicle. Some cars automatically stop to avoid a collision or alert the driver when another vehicle is lingering

Dealership Marketing Mistakes

Avoiding Common Dealership Marketing Mistakes

Making mistakes in your advertising is like throwing money and leads away. If you are spending money on marketing your dealership but not attracting any new customers, it is time to reevaluate your approach. Mistakes in marketing are quite common by any dealership, but yours isn’t just any dealership. Yours

Best Car Stock Photos

These are the Best Car Stock Photos to Use in Blog Articles

Car dealerships might utilize car stock photos to promote vehicles on their website, on social media or even for online ads and marketing materials. However, there is one space where dealerships might not think to use these photos: blog articles. Car dealerships without a blog should consider embracing this marketing

Best-Selling Car of All Time

What is the Best-Selling Car of All Time?

Americans love their trucks. In 2021, the Ford F-Series, the Dodge Ram and the Chevrolet Silverado were the three best-selling vehicles. The Ford F-Series has remained the most popular (i.e. best-selling) vehicle for more than four decades. The F-Series must be the best-selling car of all time, right? While car

Auto Dealership Marketing Plan

How to Create An Effective Auto Dealership Marketing Plan

The auto dealership industry is incredibly competitive, which is why marketing is so important. The right marketing plan can help your dealership stand out from its competitors, attract new customers, and increase revenue.  But if you’re new to the world of marketing, creating a marketing plan for your dealership from

What is the Best State to Buy a Car

What is the Best State to Buy a Car?

The price of buying a car isn’t just about the number on the model’s sticker. Instead, buyers also are responsible for other fees and taxes, too. These costs bump the out-the-door price, and where the buyer lives could impact this final cost, too. Sales tax might be rolled into financing

Car Dealership Marketing

Car Dealership Marketing Plans Should Include These Tactics

Car dealerships might rework their marketing plans to navigate changes in the market. While not all dealerships might create a formal marketing plan, they might follow a path of strategies to keep consistent messaging and to heighten their visibility and outreach to customers. Dealerships might implement advertising campaigns online (or