Actual Vehicle Photo vs. Stock Images Car Dealerships

When to Use an Actual Vehicle Photo vs. Stock Images Car Dealerships Purchase

Car dealerships might have a vast inventory of new and used cars. To advertise their inventory, stock images car dealerships purchase might be chosen for their high-resolution and extensive options. For example, stock images typically offer an array of options that display a specific vehicle model’s interior and exterior design

Dealerships Should Use AI

This is the One Way that All Dealerships Should Use AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has integrated into business practices. AI is used to help predict customer preferences via algorithms online. AI also is used by companies to create digitized voice activated assistants that help guide customers; Siri and Alexa are just two examples. While AI might seem sci-fi adjacent to some

Should Car Dealers Use Stock Photos

Should Car Dealers Use Stock Photos?

Many car buyers start their hunt for a new vehicle online; a study by Cox Automotive reported that in 2020, car buyers spent more than seven hours researching and shopping online. The dealership website was noted to be the last destination for more than 30 percent of online shoppers. For

Drive Sales and Business to your Dealership

Here’s How to Use SEO to Drive Sales and Business to your Dealership

Covid exacerbated the online buying trend and even pushed car dealerships to move business online. However, from 2019 to 2020, Cox Automotive noted that car shoppers were actually spending less time researching and shopping for a car online. Before the pandemic, buyers spent around nine hours shopping and researching; in

360 virtual tour car interior

A 360 Virtual Tour: Car Interior, Exterior Features Enhance UX

Immersive and interactive content can engage customers as they visit web pages to explore vehicles and their new car options. Many dealerships offer standard photo slideshows for vehicles on their lot, in their inventory and via their showroom. Yet, are slideshows the most memorable content that dealerships can offer? Today’s

Dealerships Accept Crypto

Some Dealerships Accept Crypto for Purchases

The majority of car buyers finance their new car. Some obtain financing through their bank or credit union, while others get approved for financing through the dealership. While a loan is the most common way to pay for a car, this isn’t the only financial resource for buyers. Dealerships may

Best Car Photos

Best Car Photos From Y2K

The year 2000 was the dreaded year that the world feared that computers would suddenly go berserk, because of the Y2K problem. Nothing apocalyptic happened, but the year was memorable thanks to the millennial pop culture trends. Boy bands ruled the radio, the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was

Boy’s Club in the Auto Industry

Is There a Boy’s Club in the Auto Industry?

The automotive industry encompasses factories, corporate headquarters, finance companies and, of course, the dealerships. The industry has long been dominated by men, but women have long since burst through the ceiling of this sector even if statistics don’t weigh in their favor. Is there a boy’s club in the auto