Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies Every Car Dealer Needs to Try

If you own a car dealership, you’ve probably seen a big change in sales since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, you’ve probably noticed that more and more people are choosing to shop online.  No matter how you feel about that change, online car shopping probably isn’t going

editorial photos of cars

Here’s How Dealerships Can Use Editorial Photos of Cars

Editorial photos are typically photos designated for editorial use versus being used for advertising. In some cases, businesses are prohibited from using editorial photos or images marked as ‘for editorial use only’ in any capacity used to sell a service or product (i.e. advertising or commercial use). Violating the terms

Tips For Starting A Car Dealership

Tips For Starting A Car Dealership

There are all kinds of business ventures to go into. But, if you have an interest in cars and want to make big-dollar sales, owning a car dealership could be for you. There are several different ways to go about this process. For example, you could invest in and sell

Car Model Image Database

What is a Car Model Image Database?

Car dealerships need to consistently market their inventory and the new models rolling into the showroom. Even before a model is acquired by the dealership, excitement for the upcoming arrival is often teased and promoted on social media or online. If dealerships don’t yet have possession of a vehicle, how

Customer Loyalty Can Boost Sales

Here’s How Customer Loyalty Can Boost Sales

Dealerships might not be sweating about moving inventory off the lot. Used car prices are still high, and buyer demand is surging, too. Sales might be great, even if the vehicle selection isn’t the most robust for customers. Yet, even when finalizing that sale seems effortless, dealerships need to recognize

Luxury Car Photography

This is the Best Image Type for Luxury Car Photography

Luxury cars are an investment, and buyers of these high-end vehicles might expect to be wowed when researching their options online. If a buyer is investing $100,000 or more in a vehicle, they want to find impactful images online that show them more details about their options. Car stock images

Pre-Qualification Customers

How to Attract More Pre-Qualification Customers

Every auto dealership wants to attract more customers, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Cars are cars and there are only so many brands. There are bound to be competitors selling the same makes and models as you, especially if your dealership sells used cars. When you

Car Vector Image

What is a Car Vector Image?

Car dealerships often use automotive stock photography to showcase their new models and inventory. These professional photos show vehicles in full detail to help buyers understand their design and their interior features, too. Many dealerships offer extensive online photo slideshows of stock imagery. Dealerships often prefer to use stock photos

Carousel Ads to Engage Customers

How Can Dealerships Use Carousel Ads to Engage Customers?

Advertising on Facebook allows dealerships to target specific customer demographics and focus efforts on specific geographic areas too. Geotargeting can be more micro than macro in scope, perhaps even zeroing in on a very small area in a community. Not all ads are as effective on Facebook, even when they