Marketing Moves Inventory

Marketing Moves Inventory? Ideas that Could Drive Inventory off the Lot

When demand for cars is on the upswing, dealerships might have difficulty keeping cars on the lot. There are times when the market is so hot that dealerships may be hunting for inventory. When buyers aren’t biting, though, dealers may face sluggish sales. Dealerships wondering if marketing moves inventory should

Car Interior Stock Photo

The Best Car Interior Stock Photo for Online Slideshows

Dealerships often include many different tools and features on their website to keep visitors engaged and to differentiate them from the competition. As online tools have become more tech-savvy and immersive, dealership sites have opted to include spin images, augmented reality showrooms and even tools that let shoppers preview cars

Use Social Media to Promote Used Inventory

How to Use Social Media to Promote Used Inventory

The car market ebbs and flows related to supply and demand, and when buyer demand is high dealerships might have no problem moving cars from their lot. Even in great markets, though, some vehicles could be tough to sell. These could be used or preowned models that aren’t so aesthetically

Vehicle Photography

Vehicle Photography Adds Explorative Features, Immersive Experiences

Content can keep visitors interested. But content isn’t just about text, product details or even blog articles. Instead, dealerships should use vehicle photography to add explorative features and immersive experiences to their website. How do Images Encourage Exploration? Images are just pictures, right? Not necessarily. Digital images don’t have to

360 Degree Car Photography

Why Should Your Dealership Use 360 Degree Car Photography?

Most consumers begin the car buying journey online rather than inside a dealership. As a result, car dealerships must adjust their marketing strategies to ensure they are connecting with consumers before they ever step foot inside their showroom.  Because consumers start the car buying process online, it’s important for dealers

360 Interior Car

How to Use 360 Interior Car Photography

The automotive industry has become increasingly competitive over the years. Now that most automotive consumers start the car buying process online, car dealerships must find new ways to connect with their target audience before they ever step foot inside a showroom. Using striking images, especially 360 interior car photos, is

Car 360 Spin Images

Car 360 Spin Images

Car buyers can read the vehicle specs, they can understand what upgraded options they can choose, and they can even zero in on the price tag. But the images of the vehicle allow the potential buyer to understand the design inside and out and, ultimately, picture themselves in the car,

Car Stock Videos

Car Stock Videos

Shopping for a car often begins online, and research is important to finding the best vehicle for their needs and their budget. In fact, Cox Automotive’s 2020 Car Buyer Journey Study revealed that new car buyers spent more than six hours via online research while used buyers spent more than

Car Photo Library

EVOX Images’ Car Photo Library Adds 138 Model Year 2022 Vehicles

EVOX Images offers car dealerships access to photos of more than 14,000 makes and models for commercial use. Dealerships can use these photos on their website, in marketing campaigns or social media accounts to provide their customers with high resolution, up-close and detailed photos of each vehicle’s exterior and interior