Auto Bargains

December Is the Best Month for Auto Bargains

Between preparing for the holidays and attending social gatherings, December is one of the busiest months of the year for most people. But if you are in need of a new vehicle, you may want to find time in your schedule for auto shopping before the new year begins. This

Automotive Marketing

How Car Brands are Adapting to the Changes in Automotive Marketing

The automotive industry has been exposed to just as much risk and uncertainty as most other commercial markets. A shift toward digital ecommerce solutions and immersive marketing has driven consumer demand to reach revenue of more than $82 billion in 2020 alone.  Augmented reality ads, VR-assisted shopping, and online inventory

Covid Effect on the Automotive Industry

The Covid Effect on the Automotive Industry

Covid has hit the economics of many industries with brutal force. Shutdowns, layoffs, shelter-in-place mandates, and, of course, the virus itself, has affected sales and disrupted business as usual. For the automotive industry, Covid led to plant shutdowns, a decrease (or complete halt) in dealership traffic and unmoving inventory. Yet,

Retail Sales Grow as Holiday Season Nears

US Retail Sales Grow as Holiday Season Nears

This year has had unexpected twists and turns. In March, the Covid pandemic caused many—if not most—parts of the country to shutdown and consumers to shelter-in place. Stores closed, sales went online. The holiday season is here, and while Black Friday typically ushers in super shopping season, this year, the