Dealer Incentives

Dealer Incentives Will Drive Demand Post-Covid

Car dealerships were hit hard during the pandemic, when retail stores and non-essential businesses were forced to close as shelter-in-place mandates and shutdowns halted daily life. The Wall-Street Journal reported that even in the second quarter of 2020 (summer) when business was getting back to a slow normal, sales were

Auto Dealership Digital Marketing

Top 6 Tips for Auto Dealership Digital Marketing

While many of the actual sales made are still done inside a dealership, it is no longer where the buying journey begins for most consumers. Buyers today are informed and connected. They often research even small purchases, let alone major expenditures like buying a vehicle. For this reason, it is

Increase Auto Sales with Digital Marketing

Increase Auto Sales with Digital Marketing and Online Ads

Continually trying to increase sales is the never-ending battle of most dealerships, whether at a branch level or nationwide.  Keeping up with trends and new opportunities can be hard work, but it is work that is worth the effort for those serious about driving sales. At the time of writing

Automotive Technology of the Future

Automotive Technology of the Future

The automotive technology of the future has the potential to keep us safer…and move us out of the driver’s seat. What features will drivers see in future makes and models?  Here’s a look at what’s next in the evolution of automotive technology. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Functions & Features