How to Make Social Media Work for the Dealership

Social media isn’t just for users to expand their social reach online. While individuals use social media to connect with friends and family, social media also has become an important tool for networking and an integral marketing resource for businesses. However, for car dealerships without a dedicated marketing team, social

How Dealerships Can Personalize Marketing

A marketing plan outlines the initiatives and tactics for a business related to social media, advertising, events, sales promotions and online content (including website copy). Marketing campaigns help businesses reach their targeted customer demographics to boost potential leads and increase sales, too. While marketing tactics often are aimed to appeal

Why Dealerships Need to Go Digital

In December, Cox Automotive released its Forward Thinking Dealership Study that revealed how dealerships that embrace technology and digital transformations for the car buying process are faring in the industry. The results showed that these forward-thinking dealerships were surpassing dealerships that remain stuck in their old habits. Digital transformations in

10 Digital Resources That Help Dealers Reach More Customers

Moving inventory off the lots wasn’t difficult when the supply was crunched and demand was high. While many dealerships had fewer cars to sell, many were able to sell their inventory at a higher price tag. Some vehicle models were so popular that dealerships sold out in a blink. Now,

These Interactive Automotive Solutions Amplify UX to Enhance the Drive

Vehicle manufacturers wire advanced tech features into mechanical systems and infotainment centers to transform the drive into a digitized and high-tech journey. As smartphones serve as necessary devices in daily life, the auto industry evolved to integrate advanced technology systems that were compatible with mobile devices and assisted the driving

How Automotive Reputation Management Drives Success and Sales

In business, a great reputation for customer service and satisfaction can be the difference between financial success and lackluster sales figures. Automotive dealerships often are located within a few miles of their competition; when competitors exist in close proximity, the reputation of a dealership can give it a decisive edge,

Who are the Most Popular Automotive Influencers?

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social media apps gave rise to influencer culture. An influencer is a digital celebrity whose popularity has the power to influence consumers. There are beauty influencers, fashion influencers, parenting influencers, theme park influencers and even automotive influencers. Every industry has its own list of popular

What are the Typical Car Dealership Conversion Rates?

Making a sale is the ultimate goal for car dealerships, and one way to increase the odds of a sale is to follow up on leads. Many businesses zero in on online or website leads. When marketers talk about ‘conversion rates,’ they are typically referring to online traffic or interactions

What is Automotive Lead Generation?

Car dealerships and their sales force want to move inventory and sell cars. Profit is the end goal for all businesses, and while many dealerships offer a service department for repairs and maintenance, selling inventory generates the most profit for the dealership. Foot traffic and repeat customers account for a

Why are Facebook Car Sales So Popular?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and counts more than 2.9 billion monthly active users. While individuals use the platform to stay connected and communicate with friends and family, businesses utilize Facebook as another tool for connecting to the public and marketing their products, too. While car dealerships

How Dealerships Can Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Digital marketing utilizes online tactics and campaigns to promote a business and expand its reach to core audiences. Social media platforms are designed for engagement and outreach, but for businesses these platforms are an integral medium to reach vast consumer demographics and increase visibility in the digital realm. Social media

These Dealer SEO Best Practices Can Increase Website Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing term that describes creating content (including website pages) that is written to rank high on Google and other search engines. To improve the ranking, marketing professionals utilize a number of tactics including choosing keywords that represent popular search queries on the engines.

How Has Dealership Marketing Changed Post-Covid?

Before Covid, shopping for a new car was fairly standardized. Buyers researched vehicle options online, then they visited the dealership to complete the deal and drive off in their dream car. There were steps between browsing and buying, but, ultimately, the path to buying a car was well tread and

These Interactive Automotive Marketing Trends Vie for the Attention of Consumers

Automotive marketing for dealerships used to encompass standard advertising opportunities via radio, television and print. The internet changed how advertisements reached consumers, and now digital media rules many automotive marketing plans. As new social media platforms launched, additional opportunities opened up for businesses for advertisements, engagement and communication with consumers.

How Car Dealerships Can Use TikTok to Reach Gen Z Buyers

The social media app TikTok debuted in 2017 and since that time has grown rapidly in popularity among younger audiences. Reuters reported that the platform now counts 150 million monthly active users in the U.S. alone. Gen Z and younger Millennials account for the majority of TikTok’s users—more than half

Five Automotive Internet Marketing Strategies to Magnify the Dealership’s Online Presence

Automotive internet marketing also is known as digital marketing. These campaigns encompass all online outreach that is designed to appeal to potential buyers. This type of marketing is crucial for businesses to connect with and stay in front of customers searching the internet for goods and services. Every dealership might

What Do Hispanic Car Buyers Want When Shopping for a Vehicle?

Each buyer demographic correlates to different preferences and habits when shopping or deciding on a purchase. Cultural demographics are important for businesses to understand as each culture might have specific preferences, unique considerations and generational traditions that could influence not just how they shop but what they buy, too. Dealer

With Digital Marketing, Dealerships Need To Utilize These Five Free Strategies

Digital marketing encompasses outreach activities within the online (or digital) space. Online ads, blogs, social media, and optimization efforts all are part of digital marketing strategies for dealerships. When utilizing digital marketing, dealerships on a tighter budget can take advantage of a few free strategies to expand outreach and visibility.

What Dealerships Need to Know about ChatGPT4

ChatGPT is becoming the new technology that businesses want to use. ChatGPT was designed by OpenAI, and the technology operates a bit like an AI virtual assistant. Users can ask a question and ChatGPT provides a detailed answer. However, OpenAI has already explained that the tech isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s

How Interior Car Photography Helps Simplify the Shopping Process

Car shopping was once a predominantly in-person experience, and exploring a car model required buyers to visit dealerships. Buyers now have the power of the internet to aid their search for a new or used vehicle, and some companies or dealerships allow customers to complete the entire car purchase online