APRIL 15, 2011

Rancho Dominguez, CA This summer, EVOX IMAGES™ will launch EVOX CG, the automotive industry’s most robust library of automotive image content.

For nearly a decade Evox has produced high-end CGI projects for OEM’s and advertising agencies. Now they employ this innovative technology with EVOX CG and surpass their own industry benchmark. With EVOX CG, we are creating the most compelling imagery with virtually limitless possibilities.

The Richest, Most Interactive Online Experience.

CGI technology provides the ultimate flexibility in image, animation and video content creation, which enables Evox Images to create more exciting and engaging image content with enhanced interactivity.

This summer, EVOX CG will launch an exciting new product:
CG Exterior Colorized Spin

And coming soon…
CG Interactive Driving Experience

Evox offers the absolute, most complete package of US vehicle imagery on an unmatched delivery schedule. In addition to their breakthrough new product, EVOX CG, Evox Images is proud to offer a robust selection of photo, interactive and video products:

  • Full Stills Set (interior and exterior images)
  • Three Angle Colorized Set
  • 360 Exterior Spins
  • 360 Interior Panoramas
  • Splash Images
  • Stills Starter Kit
  • Fly-Around Video
  • Interior Video Clip Set
  • Exterior Video Clip Set
  • Editorial Video
  • 5 Video Clip Pack

Visit www.evoximages.com today to learn more or contact a licensing specialist to get the most complete images available for your automotive website or portal today.


Evox Images will attend the 10th Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando, FL April 19-21 to showcase their existing and new products.

Company History

Evox Images is a 17-year-old company specializing in photo, video and interactive US vehicle imagery and is headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, California.

Evox Images offers the absolute, most complete package of unbiased, consistent photo, video and interactive US vehicle imagery. Evox strives to make content available as soon as vehicles are released, providing you with the most content on an unmatched delivery schedule.

Every vehicle goes through the standardized Evox Production Process, which provides an in-depth view of every vehicle with consistent image content. Same content. Same lighting. Same post-production.

The Ultimate Source for Automotive Imagery™

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