Whether it’s a brand new model or long-awaited refresh of an existing model, just announced vehicles can be particularly enticing for buyers. However, images of these cars are often hard to come by, as few photographs are typically made available at the time of announcement and high resolution, marketing-compliant assets may be months off. This lack of visuals can hinder early marketing efforts and consumer research.

EVOX Images® understands the value of new car images, which is why our New Release Library offers the best speed-to-market solutions in the automotive industry. Drawing on our expertise in digital imaging technology, we work from available photographs to create high-quality images prior to a vehicle being released for sale. These copyright-protected assets are usually delivered within 30 days of announcement and are legal for editorial, research, and retail marketing use, making them ideal for introducing your customers to new releases through multiple media channels.


EVOX is first to market with new car images, offering 3-angle CGI sets of all new and refreshed mass-produced vehicles released each year in the United States. These high resolution assets are generated from early prototypes and production-ready released models that are accurate to the press-released vehicle, giving customers a glimpse at what they have to look forward to. Incorporating these assets in editorial, marketing, and promotional materials is a powerful way to engage your audience as early as possible. The consistency of EVOX’s lighting and angles not only ensures that quality is maintained across makes and models, but that new models can be directly compared earlier models or to other vehicles in the same class, making our new car images a vital tool for research. 

When presented with a disclaimer noting that differences between the image and the final model may occur, images in EVOX’s New Release Library can be used by a dealership until the full production version of the vehicle is ready to go on sale. When new production models are released to the market, these 3-angle CGI sets are replaced with a comprehensive image gallery showcasing the interior and exterior of newly released vehicles from approximately 30 different viewpoints.

The EVOX New Image Library offers:

  • Vehicles in standard silver with colorization possible
  • Driver-side front three-quarter, passenger-side rear three-quarter, and driver-side profile views
  • 640×480 px

EVOX Images provides the most complete new car image gallery for 2019-2020, ensuring you have the assets you need to connect to your customers as early as possible. Because these images are created by EVOX, copyright ownership is guaranteed and there is no liability for editorial, research, and retail marketing use.


EVOX Images offers the most complete car stock database in the automotive industry, including a continually updated library of just announced vehicles. Contact our team or call us at 562-373-6761 to learn more about our innovative imaging solutions.