EVOX Images® is the first to market with the latest make and model pictures of all mass production consumer vehicles in the U.S.. We continuously stay abreast of the newest car models as they are announced and use available photos to create photorealistic images of just announced vehicles with unmatched speed. When new models are released, they are brought into the EVOX studio for a complete photoshoot capturing every angle using state-of-the-art imaging technology. By marrying innovative CGI techniques with high-quality photography, we offer powerful automotive image solutions for all the latest cars, trucks, and SUVs.

A Full Suite of Images Featuring the Latest Car Makes and Models

EVOX has an unsurpassed update schedule and is the first to provide high-quality vehicle stock photos and car stock videos for enterprise use. We use the most advanced photography and digital imaging techniques to provide you with a full suite of automotive image options for the latest makes and models, giving you the ability to connect your customers to new cars before they hit the dealer lot.

Copy of Drive In

Drive-In Library

High-quality video clips show a vehicle rolling into the frame to introduce new models and updates.

Copy of Colorized Flyaround

Colorized Fly-around

Fly-around videos show every angle and color of a vehicle allowing users to adjust their view with a simple click-and-drag or finger swipe.

Copy of Evox API


Our user-friendly API allows you to keep your website up to date as model changes are finalized and new models are released.

Copy of Web Player

Web Player

EVOX’s web player makes embedding videos and interactive visualizations of the latest car models simple.

EVOX Images creates consistent vehicle imagery to allow for easy comparisons of models and model years from the same angles and perspectives. By showing your customers what they have to look forward to, you can foster greater engagement as they research the latest cars.

Just Announced Vehicle Pictures Available for Enterprise Use

Without high-quality images, there are limited opportunities to build customer interest in new models before they arrive. EVOX Images provides a state-of-the-art solution with CGI images of just announced models and upcoming changes to existing models. Working from available photos, EVOX uses cutting-edge techniques to create a New Release Library showing three photorealistic views of the newest models coming to market in the near future. Meanwhile, our First Look Library provides three-image sets to showcase changes to existing models. 

These assets can be instrumental in attracting and holding the interest of buyers until a vehicle becomes available for purchase. EVOX is also the first to market with the latest car pictures when the final production model is released, offering an in-depth look at new vehicles from every angle.

Copy of New Release Library

First to Market with Changes to Existing Car Models

Whether a vehicle is undergoing drastic alterations or subtle fine-tuning, EVOX Images follows the automotive market closely, identifies upcoming changes, and adjusts our library of automotive stock photos accordingly.

The First Look Library provides you with a set of three images showing how existing models are changing in the upcoming production year. We begin creating each set as soon as we know a vehicle is entering production. These images feature a front three-quarters driver’s side view, rear three-quarters view, and side profile and will remain available until the finalized production model hits the market. EVOX then comprehensively documents the final production model with our consistent, high-quality photography to provide interior and exterior stills, panoramas, spins, and high-resolution car stock video for complete coverage.

Copy of First Look Library


EVOX Images offers high-quality images of the latest car models and updates to existing models with unmatched speed and unsurpassed coverage. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to learn more about our innovative automotive image solutions.