EVOX VR: Game-Changing Technology / Game-Changing Customer Engagement

Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 billion and continues to invest heavily. We expect Facebook, Google, and others will 'own' our virtual worlds where we will interact with others, experience news and entertainment, and of course, shop for cars. 

We are poised at the start of game-changing technology that will suddenly put Virtual Reality in the hands of the consumer. This marks the beginning of the move from two-dimensional screens to 3D immersive media.

Oculus, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Google and others are transforming the way digital media is viewed. Expect VR headsets to quickly become a standard accessory for televisions, laptops and mobile phones. 

In advance of widespread consumer adoption, Samsung Gear VR™ for S6 has opened the door for affordable placement of high quality VR experiences at a broad range of locations such as trade shows, event marketing and dealer showrooms.