Cars are constantly evolving, and each year automotive manufacturers seek to incorporate new technologies, aesthetics, and performance standards in their products. This ongoing innovation can breathe new life into an existing car model and generate significant interest long before a vehicle hits the lot. However, images of updated models are often kept under wraps until shortly before the vehicles are available for purchase, leaving car dealerships, rental agencies, and auto journalists with limited ways to capitalize on any early interest.

EVOX Images® speed-to-market solutions can change that. Our continuously updated First Look Library offers high-quality exterior images of updated models weeks ahead of their published release date. Whether incorporated into a dealership website, digital promo materials, or editorial content, these new model car images are an ideal way to introduce your audience to the most anticipated upcoming vehicles.


EVOX Images has set the standard in automotive imaging for almost 25 years. Today, we offer the most complete library of high definition car stock photos, videos, and VR assets available for commercial use, featuring more than 13,000 mass production vehicles. In addition to our unparalleled image quality and completeness of coverage, we also provide an unmatched delivery schedule, giving you new model car images before anyone else.

The EVOX First Look Library provides a compelling look at how models are changing in the upcoming production year. Our production process begins as soon as exterior changes are announced and confirmed. We draw on our digital imaging expertise to make modifications to the current model 3-angle set, maintaining consistent lighting and angles across assets. The result is a 3-angle set that gives your customers a high-resolution overview of the updated model weeks before it is released.

The First Look Library:

  • Features a front three-quarters driver’s side view, rear three-quarters view, and side profile of each model
  • Keeps each set available until the finalized production model is released
  • Continuously updated with 400+ vehicles per model year

These assets offer an innovative solution for car dealerships, rental agencies, and others in the automotive industry who want to connect customers to new models.


EVOX Images is first to market with high-quality automotive images for commercial use. Contact our team or call us at 562-373-6761 to learn more about our innovative imaging solutions.