As the car buying process increasingly moves online, many buyers miss the pleasure of that first walk around a vehicle. Now, high-quality car exterior spin videos can bring the power and excitement of that initial walkaround into the digital arena.

EVOX Images® has been at the cutting edge of automotive imaging for over two decades. Today, we lead the industry in exterior spin videos, offering the most complete library and the highest level of quality available. With outstanding videography and state-of-the-art technology, our exterior video spin sets are a compelling way for your customers to explore their options and proven to enhance lead generation.

High-Quality Car Exterior Spin Videos Help Your Customers Imagine the Possibilities

Car exterior spin videos can make a vehicle come to life. Far more than just another element on a website, these assets allow buyers to take in the lines, curves, and proportion of each vehicle and begin to form a more powerful connection than may be possible via still images alone. At EVOX, we help you harness this potential by offering video spin sets of most mass-produced consumer vehicles sold in the United States since model year 2008. This library is unmatched in its coverage and quality, with consistent angles and lighting across makes and models. To optimize usability, each set is available in flexible, web-friendly formats.

EVOX’s exterior spin video sets feature:

  • 3 different lengths (5, 15, and 90 seconds)

  • MP4 video format 

  • 30fps

  • 320 x 180 px, 640 x 360 px, and 640 x 490 px 

EVOX Images specializes in creating innovative imaging solutions. As such, our exterior spin video sets can be used as provided or as part of custom video presentations produced according to your specifications and including your branding elements. By partnering with EVOX, you have access to both the assets and services you need to connect in a digital world.


EVOX Images sets the standard for quality in automotive images and high-resolution videos, including exterior spins. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to learn more about our powerful image solutions.