Drive your Dream Car In The Newest Release of our RelayCars Mobile App


Everyone was waiting for the time when you could put on a pair of VR goggles and be transported into the drivers seat of your dream car. The latest update on the RelayCars App gets you one step closer.

We have introduced a test drive function. Are you ready to taste the future? Download the newest version of our mobile app, available on the Samung GearVR™ app from the Oculus™ store and test drive the newest Nissan GTR though a scenic desert landscape.

EVOX is utilizing the latest VR technology and bringing the most immersive automotive experiences into your living room. We are ready to meet the rising tide of VR demands in the automotive industry. EVOX is the only company to produce high-quality, realistic, and immersive automotive experiences for the car shopper.

The RelayCars mobile app, powered by EVOX Images, has over 340,000 downloads and counting.

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