The Digital Generation and Virtual Reality

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the first generation of digital natives and the youngest generation buying cars. They have witnessed our landline phones become wireless cell phones, which have since turned into mini computers and portable encyclopedias. Online shopping has become mainstream. They are the generation of social media. Our newspapers and books are their smartphones and tablets; our note pads are their text documents and our pens, their keypads.

Millennials, unlike previous generations, are not wary of the digital age. They embrace new technology and naturally integrate them into there daily lives. Howie Leibach from Singularity Hub believes they will be the first early adopters of Virtual Reality (VR). As such, they will be the leaders into the future of VR technology and the new age for consumers. According to Laura Albert, Market Data Analyst, The VR Industry is predicted to generate $30 billion dollars in revenue by 2020, as headsets become more affordable and adoption rates increase and more compatible content is created.

Based on a report from Millennial Marketing, the millennial generation currently represents 25% of the population and 56% of them claim to be one of the first to try new technology. This year alone they are expected to spend $2.45 trillion dollars—a percentage of which will be spent on personal VR headsets.

This century has been built around convenience, having everything you desire at the tips of your fingers. Millennials haven't known anything other than having information, communication and shopping readily available. Demonstrating that Virtual Reality will be the perfect solution for the tech savvy millennial to fulfill all of their immediate needs and allow them to be an immersed shopper.  When it comes to car shopping, VR is a natural platform extension for them to adopt.

What better way to advertise cars to millennial consumers, than to let these digital natives get into their dream car from the comfort of their living room, take it for a virtual test drive, and connect to a dealer with a touch of a finger. The technology behind EVOX's Virtual Reality solutions allows VR car shopping to be a reality. 

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New Library: First Look Library


The First Look Library consists of one high-quality, driver front 3/4 image of mass-produced new and redesigned vehicles shortly after OEM announcement.

This library will give you early access to vehicle images–as quickly as they are announced by manufacturers. These images come in silver and will be supplemented by our complete set of images shortly after the vehicle goes on sale.

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Drive your Dream Car In The Newest Release of our RelayCars Mobile App


Everyone was waiting for the time when you could put on a pair of VR goggles and be transported into the drivers seat of your dream car. The latest update on the RelayCars App gets you one step closer.

We have introduced a test drive function. Are you ready to taste the future? Download the newest version of our mobile app, available on the Samung GearVR™ app from the Oculus™ store and test drive the newest Nissan GTR though a scenic desert landscape.

EVOX is utilizing the latest VR technology and bringing the most immersive automotive experiences into your living room. We are ready to meet the rising tide of VR demands in the automotive industry. EVOX is the only company to produce high-quality, realistic, and immersive automotive experiences for the car shopper.

The RelayCars mobile app, powered by EVOX Images, has over 340,000 downloads and counting.

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Samsung is Now Giving Away Gear VR Headsets

As VR starts to push into mainstream markets, Samsung is  finding new ways to get their gear VR headsets into consumers' hands. Samsung is now giving away free Gear VR Headsets to customers when they purchase a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge.

A Samsung spokesperson spoke about how this promotion is beneficial to VR, "VR is not interesting unless you’ve experienced it – and this way Samsung is showing a wider audience why VR is the future.”


EVOX VR: It's Time to Get In The Driver's Seat


The VR revolution is coming and will quickly prove to be a disruptive technology for car shopping. At EVOX we are driving the newest experiences with our powerfully immersive virtual reality showrooms. After more than 20 years perfecting the art of automotive 360s, we are now uniquely positioned with the only comprehensive library of VR imagery. In addition, EVOX has developed the VR showroom technology to deliver a rich photo-real experience on any mobile platform.” 

- David Falstrup, EVOX Images CEO


What's New? New Release Library

Get images of brand new cars delivered to you soon after their online or auto show product reveal. 

What is it?

Three high-quality, consistent, CG images (driver front 3/4, passenger rear 3/4 and side profile) of mass-produced, redesign vehicles as they are revealed. The images come standard in silver, but custom color options are available.

To date, we have vehicles from the 2015 LA Auto Show (20) and the 2016 Detriot Auto Show (26) in stock and available in our image library and are wrapping production on vehicles from the 2016 Chicago, Geneva, and New York auto shows.

EVOX Images Unveils Enhancements for the RelayCars Virtual Reality App

Our new consumer-facing application, RelayCars™, is available at the Samsung Gear VR store, has already generated more than 270,000 downloads and is consistently ranked among the top 5 downloaded apps since its launch just over three months ago.

It was designed as a Virtual Reality portal that provides users with a truly immersive experience. The RelayCars™ Virtual Showroom lets users explore a variety of different vehicles, watch informational videos in a "Virtual Cinema," and share the experience with their social networks. 

These new virtual shopping features will benefit dealers by building customer engagement and driving store traffic. Leading research firms are currently in-market with EVOX’s Global OEM Virtual Reality Product clinic content. 

EVOX Images® is in full production of a comprehensive VR Image Database of US Automobiles—a library of high-quality interior and exterior, 360 degree stereoscopic images for use with Oculus Rift™, Samsung Gear VR™, Google Cardboard™ and other mobile and desktop VR headsets. 


VR will impact the world just like smartphones

As we move into the third month of 2016 the hype surrounding VR continues. EVOX waits in anticipation to bring virtual showrooms to your living room.

The Oculus VR president, Jason Rubin, stated in an article on the Popular science website "the smartphone started as a simple replacement for the cell phone," he believes "VR will have a similarly widespread impact on the real world."

EVOX VR continues to be ahead of the game as they work to develop its VR products, making them interactive and engaging for consumers. 

Experience EVOX VR and join our mailing list for exciting updates and notifications when new cars are added to the Showroom.

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Don't sell the car, sell the experience

The art of selling is typically product-focused, but what if more marketers and sales people asked investigative questions to find out WHY a potential customer is looking for a new car?  

Once you know the WHY, you can craft visually engaging stories that help connect customers to the emotions behind their purchase.

No matter the tactic, channel or medium you’re using, remember that emotion is a marketer’s secret weapon. Tapping into it allows you to cut across race, gender, social classes, and beyond because people fundamentally share similar motivations and needs.

Research shows interactive assets that engage the mind and heart have a much stronger impact on time spent and leads generated online. EVOX Interior Panos and Exterior Spins have demonstrated more viewer involvement and emotional connection.

Let us help you rev up the horsepower on your visual story with 360 interactive assets and VR solutions.

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New product available now: EVOX First Look Library

How quickly can you get consistent, high-quality images of brand new vehicles for your marketing or editorial efforts quickly? With the EVOX First Look Library, you get access to vehicles soon after their auto show or online product reveal.

We offer consistent, full exterior image content for each new vehicle, faster than anyone else in the business. To date, we have 19 vehicles from the November 2015 LA Auto Show in stock (illustrated below) and available in our image library and we are wrapping up production on 20 vehicles from the January 2016 Chicago Auto Show. We have front 3/4, rear 3/4 and side profile exterior images available for immediate use.

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EVOX VR: Continued improvement and expansion

EVOX is staying ahead of the curve by staying prepared for the newest advancements in VR technology.  EVOX is anticipating the arrival of our new Oculus Rift headsets; which were available for pre-order on January 6th. EVOX is committed to having the newest cutting edge technology and delivering on the promise to produce the highest quality, one-of-a-kind, automotive VR material.

VR is taking over all areas of industry, and we are the first to meet this rising tide with a database of 3D digital assets; we have been producing 3D assets since last fall and already have over 230 vehicles available - more are added every week.

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VR headset sales to surge in 2016

As EVOX predicted, sales of VR headsets are on the rise. After this holiday season more people have VR headsets in their hands as this technology prepares to explode through the marketplace.

Fortune Magazine, addresses how the popularity of VR headsets are predicted to rise throughout 2016. In the article  the CTA (consumer technology association) recognized VR as one of the "Tech Sectors to watch" and is predicted to generate upwards of $540 million dollars this year, a 500% increase from 2015.
EVOX VR continues to be ahead of the industry as we work to develop new VR products, making them interactive and engaging for consumers. Experience EVOX VR and join our mailing list for exciting updates and notifications when new cars are added to the Showroom.

Seven online marketing trends that will dominate 2016

Stay competitive in an ever-changing world with seven trends Forbes predicts will change the online marketing landscape this year.

  1. Video and native advertising. Google will continue to dominate online search with in-SERP video advertising (promoted video ads in search pages).  
  2. App indexing. Advances in app indexing will helps re-engage app users and makes 2016 a pivotal year in app adoption for business strategy.
  3. Mobile sites. According to Google, a mobile-only site with no desktop counterpart is completely acceptable. 
  4. Digital assistants. Optimizing content for easy accessibility to these assistants will help drive online and mobile traffic. They may eventually replace traditional search engines.
  5. Virtual Reality. It's been called the "next great computation platform" by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. On Tuesday, Google announced a new VR division. Between these companies alone, billions of dollars have been invested in this emerging technology.
  6. Wearable technology. Wearable devices, like Smartwatches, will continue to gain traction and blur the line between online and traditional marketing. 
  7. Advertising costs increase. New technologies and more competitors will increase demand for advertising, which may push smaller companies out of the landscape. 


EVOX: The VR automotive shopping experience

EVOX VR tested some of their apps on Students at San Jose State University; the VR newbies tried on headsets for the first time and immediately became an over-excited group of school kids, reactions such as ‘I need one of these’ ‘This is amazing!’ and ‘I would definitely shop for cars using this’ showed VR automotive shopping is not only an effective tool but an engaging immersive experience.

Imagine a world where car shoppers are transported into the driver's seat of their dream car or a virtual showroom filled with popular vehicles not yet available in-person. That future is here. Now, dealers can sell cars with a headset that tracks head motion using the EVOX VR Showroom.


From mobile to virtual reality: The next generation of car shopping

According to an eBay-commissioned study carried out by Conluminostrapping on a virtual reality headset will soon be a normal step when choosing and buying a new car. eBay’s study showed that 20% of 19-29 year olds were already interested in using VR to shop for cars and 70% of people already reached for a mobile device when looking for cars.

VR car shopping offers many benefits to car shoppers, such as getting inside the car in your own living room, seeing the car in all colors trims inside and out.

Please contact EVOX to experience a demonstration of EVOX VR content on Oculus Rift™ and Samsung Gear VR™ or request developer access to the VR Image Database.

VR Showroom

VR Showroom

EVOX: Your VR resource for automotive imagery

For almost twenty years EVOX has been synonymous with automotive 360 images. Now, this unparalleled quality and breadth of 360 solutions drives you into the future with 3D virtual reality content. EVOX VR is working with OEM's and tier 1 agencies to create the first ever VR automotive imagery library. 

VR is taking over all areas of industry, and we are the first to meet this rising tide with a database of 3D digital assets; we have been producing 3D assets since last fall and already have over 200 vehicles available - more are added everyday.

Automotive VR and the gaming industry collaborate

The race to VR for the automotive industry continues, Audi is testing tools from the gaming industry to improve the way their engineers use VR to design cars. They are also experimenting with tools like the Myo; which allows you to move components virtually using only gestures.  

EVOX VR continues to be ahead of the game as they work to develop its VR products, making them interactive and engaging for consumers. Experience EVOX VR and join our for exciting updates and notifications when new cars are added to the Showroom.

EVOX Images is proud to announce: Gina Callari, Vice President, Operations

Ms. Callari brings over 20 years of automotive expertise to EVOX, having held key positions at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and Source Interlink Media. Callari is a solutions-focused, seasoned professional with proficiencies in operations management, client relations and techniques.

Prior to joining EVOX, she successfully managed cross-functional teams, maintained a stellar reputation for client relationships, and integrated process improvements during her 10-year tenure at the LA Auto Show. She possesses a solid media background, having held such positions as Managing Editor at and Source Interlink Media (currently TEN).

Callari holds a B.S. in Business Management from Pepperdine University and is an active member of the National Association of Professional Women and SEMA’s Businesswomen’s Network.

 We are pleased to have Callari lead the photography, production and technical operations of EVOX Images and look forward to a prosperous future with her on our team.