An online video presence is a must-have in the automotive industry—and editorial stock footage may be the most powerful type of video available today. The best editorial video not only shows a vehicle inside and out, but explains the highlights of each vehicle to give viewers a true understanding of what a car has to offer.

EVOX Images® produces the highest quality stock videos in the automotive industry, capturing virtually all mass-produced consumer vehicles sold in North America with excellent photography and consistent angles and lighting. Our stock footage of cars is combined with professional voiceover narration to create captivating editorial videos that give a comprehensive overview of each vehicle. Whether viewed online or in the showroom, these assets serve as an invaluable part of automotive marketing and sales.


At a time when car buyers have more choices than ever before, giving them the information they need when they need it is imperative. Editorial stock footage can be the perfect way to provide buyers a quick but complete overview of each vehicle.

EVOX Images offers editorial videos of all cars in our library since model year 2009. To create these innovative assets, we combine high-quality video, still images, and 360° exterior spins and interior panoramas to show complete coverage of a vehicle inside and out. This footage is then paired with a professionally produced full voiceover to provide more in-depth information about the features and specifications of each car. The result is a compelling, fully-compiled 60-120 second video that is easily integrated into websites, marketing materials, and sales presentations.

EVOX’s versatile, web-friendly editorial videos are available in:

  • MP4 video format, fully compatible with the most widely used web development platforms
  • 30fps
  • 320 x 180 px or 640 x 360 px 

With unparalleled quality and comprehensive coverage, EVOX sets a new standard in automotive editorial video, allowing you to use these powerful assets to their full potential.


EVOX Images offers the most complete database of editorial car stock videos available for enterprise use. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more about our state-of-the-art image solutions.