When it comes to cars, color matters. Even most practical car buyers may compromise on performance, cargo space, and creature comforts but move on to a different make or model if a vehicle isn’t available in the right shade. With color playing such a critical role in purchasing decisions, being able to show customers new vehicles in every color offered by the manufacturer is essential.

EVOX Images® has been the industry leader in automotive imagery for nearly 20 years, offering comprehensive overviews of the latest cars with unmatched quality and speed to market. Our expertise in CGI technology allows us to create 360° exterior spins that provide a true-to-life look at a vehicle in every OEM color available. These interactive animations are ideal for creating engaging user experiences that introduce customers to new releases as early as possible.


EVOX Images’ colorized spins set the standard in 360° car exterior imagery. Drawing on our skill in digital image generation, these assets offer photorealistic rendering, consistent lighting, and accurate representation of each vehicle’s palette. Our expanding database is updated with more than 250 vehicles per model year and provides first-to-market, model-level coverage. 

Our 360° exterior colorized spins are formatted to allow for easy integration in a variety of viewing environments. Whether presented as an element of a web page or an app, our innovative spins give viewers a captivating look at all their options.

EVOX’s colorized spins are highly versatile assets and designed for optimal usability. Features include:

  • 36 frames
  • JPEG and PNG filestack 
  • 480 x 360px, 640 x 480px, 1280 x 960px, 1920 x 1080px
  • Stereoscopic spins available for VR applications

At EVOX, we understand the need for smart speed-to-market imaging solutions. Our proprietary 360° exterior spins allow you to create powerful sales, marketing, and editorial presentations that introduce the latest models and help you engage your customers.


EVOX Images offers the most comprehensive database of car stock photos and videos available for commercial use. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more about our innovative imaging solutions.