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Electric Car Stock Photo

The Power of Electric Car Stock Photo

Electric cars have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. These cars offer both environmental and financial benefits. And, as a business owner, you can also benefit by using electric car stock photos in your marketing and other materials. Similarly, if you own a car dealership, quality

Dealership Evolution and Survival

Dealership Evolution and Survival for the Future: Why Dealerships Need to Prepare to Pivot

If the pandemic taught dealerships anything, it’s that the industry and circumstances might force an immediate pivot in business as usual. When non-essential businesses faced lockdowns, survival meant taking business online. Now buying a car online is becoming commonplace, and perhaps the pandemic helped to force this change. Yet, the

Car Sales Background

Here’s Where to Find a Car Sales Background Image

Hero images on a website refer to a banner photo that grabs the visitor’s attention and dominates the page. Dealerships might use an image of the location exterior as their hero image or they might select a different dominant image. Used car dealerships could opt for a car sales image

Waiting for Electric Vehicles

Get On the List: Car Buyers are Waiting for Electric Vehicles

The normal car buying experience—the one that existed before Covid—was fairly cut and dry, albeit sometimes an ordeal. Covid upended the supply chain and it helped to cause a shortage of microchips in the auto industry, which also caused a crunch in supply.  While other factors also contributed to the

Car Showroom Images

The Power of Using Car Showroom Images

In today’s world, people still shop in the traditional way. However, there are also a great many people who prefer to do their shopping online. They’re not just buying clothes or household items either. Some individuals are comfortable with making major purchases online, including car purchases. What this means for

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies Every Car Dealer Needs to Try

If you own a car dealership, you’ve probably seen a big change in sales since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, you’ve probably noticed that more and more people are choosing to shop online.  No matter how you feel about that change, online car shopping probably isn’t going

editorial photos of cars

Here’s How Dealerships Can Use Editorial Photos of Cars

Editorial photos are typically photos designated for editorial use versus being used for advertising. In some cases, businesses are prohibited from using editorial photos or images marked as ‘for editorial use only’ in any capacity used to sell a service or product (i.e. advertising or commercial use). Violating the terms

Tips For Starting A Car Dealership

Tips For Starting A Car Dealership

There are all kinds of business ventures to go into. But, if you have an interest in cars and want to make big-dollar sales, owning a car dealership could be for you. There are several different ways to go about this process. For example, you could invest in and sell

Car Model Image Database

What is a Car Model Image Database?

Car dealerships need to consistently market their inventory and the new models rolling into the showroom. Even before a model is acquired by the dealership, excitement for the upcoming arrival is often teased and promoted on social media or online. If dealerships don’t yet have possession of a vehicle, how

Customer Loyalty Can Boost Sales

Here’s How Customer Loyalty Can Boost Sales

Dealerships might not be sweating about moving inventory off the lot. Used car prices are still high, and buyer demand is surging, too. Sales might be great, even if the vehicle selection isn’t the most robust for customers. Yet, even when finalizing that sale seems effortless, dealerships need to recognize

Luxury Car Photography

This is the Best Image Type for Luxury Car Photography

Luxury cars are an investment, and buyers of these high-end vehicles might expect to be wowed when researching their options online. If a buyer is investing $100,000 or more in a vehicle, they want to find impactful images online that show them more details about their options. Car stock images

Pre-Qualification Customers

How to Attract More Pre-Qualification Customers

Every auto dealership wants to attract more customers, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Cars are cars and there are only so many brands. There are bound to be competitors selling the same makes and models as you, especially if your dealership sells used cars. When you

Car Vector Image

What is a Car Vector Image?

Car dealerships often use automotive stock photography to showcase their new models and inventory. These professional photos show vehicles in full detail to help buyers understand their design and their interior features, too. Many dealerships offer extensive online photo slideshows of stock imagery. Dealerships often prefer to use stock photos

Carousel Ads to Engage Customers

How Can Dealerships Use Carousel Ads to Engage Customers?

Advertising on Facebook allows dealerships to target specific customer demographics and focus efforts on specific geographic areas too. Geotargeting can be more micro than macro in scope, perhaps even zeroing in on a very small area in a community. Not all ads are as effective on Facebook, even when they

Car Photos Library

Use a Car Photos Library to Increase Interest and Excitement

Car dealerships might not have the time to hire a professional to photograph all the new models that are arriving at the dealership. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive, but car dealerships also might need immediate access to photos of new models to ensure that there aren’t any marketing

Google Broad Core Update Impact Car Dealerships

How Does the Google Broad Core Update Impact Car Dealerships?

Back in November 2021, Google released a Broad Core update which was another update to its algorithms. The Broad Core Update could impact the importance of search terms and/or how links are weighted for rankings. Search Engine Journal explains that core updates affect Google’s primary search algorithm. The update could

Auto Photo Gallery

Auto Photo Gallery: The Good, the Bad and the Most Creative

Dealership websites typically have at least one feature in common: an auto photo gallery. Some dealerships use stock photos to exhibit new models, others might hire a local photographer, and then there are dealerships that do everything in-house. Most car dealerships offer new and used inventory, and an auto photo

Can Buyers Find Your Dealership

Can Buyers Find Your Dealership?

In the days before the internet, buyers navigated to dealerships by the highways and byways. Maybe they used a road map to find the dealership that, hopefully, had their favorite car. Ads in newspapers included the dealership address. Television commercials probably featured the dealership lot and flashed the address, too.

Vehicle Image Library

How a Vehicle Image Library Helps Dealerships Elevate Inventory

Not every image benefits marketing purposes. For car dealerships, the imagery used to capture inventory—both new and used models—can help garner interest from potential buyers or it can perhaps stall interest in the vehicle. Photography can elevate the design of a new model, and it also can help buyers understand

Low Inventory

How Low Inventory Shifts the Focus of the Dealership Experience

Covid exacerbated the chip crisis and the economic impact reverberated throughout the automotive industry. Dealerships are still dealing with low inventory for some new models, and higher prices and crunched supply also has impacted the pre-owned/used market, too. In normal circumstances, dealerships would be marketing sales, promotions and new inventory.

Tesla Car Images

What are the Best Tesla Car Images for Dealerships?

Tesla is one of the top manufacturers of electric cars. Tesla’s Model Y was the best-selling electric vehicle in the country—more than 172,000 were sold in 2021. While the company tends to dominate the electric market, competitors like Lucid, Rivian and mainstay auto companies like General Motors, Ford, Toyota and

Keep Customers Engaged Online

10 Ways to Keep Customers Engaged Online

When the dealership is analyzing data analytics for the past month’s online traffic, things aren’t looking good. Page views are down, and customers don’t seem to be staying on the site for long. In fact, they’re clicking in and quickly checking out. The situation might be a head-scratcher. Content seems

Automotive Stock Photography

Use Automotive Stock Photography to Showcase Couture Cars

There are luxury or premium vehicles and then there are vehicles that are at another level of affluence. Couture cars might be the best term for vehicles that are made just for the buyer. These vehicles can include extraordinary paint specs, unique features and little touches that add to the

Updated Google Algorithm

How Dealerships Can Optimize for the Updated Google Algorithm

Back in May of 2021, Google updated its algorithm yet again. Google loves keeping SEO professionals on their toes, and each update of the algorithm can mean minor—or sometimes major—updates to content and websites to ensure that rankings don’t plummet. For dealerships that don’t have an SEO or marketing pro

How Dealerships Can Maximize Profitability from Marketing Campaigns

Here’s How Dealerships Can Maximize Profitability from Marketing Campaigns

Car dealerships might have an extensive marketing budget or they could be watching every dollar. No matter if the budget is seemingly bottomless or more constricted; dealerships don’t want to invest money that won’t make them profitable. Unfortunately, not all marketing campaigns boost sales or provide a good return on

Car Stock Photos

Here’s Why Car Stock Photos are Vital Marketing Tools for Car Dealerships

Consumers might have two large monthly expenses: the car payment and the mortgage. When shopping for either a new home or car, most buyers will not make such a significant purchase sight unseen. Photos can help the buyer understand if the purchase fits their needs, requires any changes or repairs

Under the Radar Marketing Strategies

Under-the-Radar Marketing Strategies and Tips to Help Boost Business

Car dealerships might already know the basics about marketing. Advertising, online content, events and other tactics can drive traffic, increase leads, and, ideally, increase sales, too. Yet, there might be a few tactics that aren’t on the radar, and these hidden strategies could also help give traffic a nudge. What

Auto Dealership Stock Photos

Auto Dealership Stock Photos – Car Stock Photos & Images

When you run an auto dealership, your primary focus is selling the right cars to the right buyers. However, in today’s world, not everyone wants to come into a dealership and consult with a salesperson.  Instead, many modern buyers want and demand to do their shopping online. Fortunately, auto dealerships

Video Marketing Strategies for Dealerships

Video Marketing Strategies for Dealerships to Draw Interest, Drive Sales

Dealership marketing can encompass advertising, blog content, events and social media communications. Dealerships may underestimate or underutilize the power of video, however, when marketing their inventory and introducing new models. Video marketing is a powerful strategy for drawing interest online, especially on social media platforms. Dealerships can create unique content