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Buy Car Stock Images

How Can Dealerships Buy Car Stock Images?

Some dealerships might take a DIY approach to the photographs on their website that showcases their inventory. While photos snapped on a smartphone or tablet could be an inexpensive way to showcase all the options on the lot, photography is an artform. Marketing vehicles requires photographs that highlight their best

Get Car Image API

Get Car Image, API Simplicity and More with EVOX Images

There are many downloadable photo galleries that let car dealerships access photos for their marketing needs. However, not all of them allow for quick and simplistic searches. Dealerships might find that it takes them way too much time to pinpoint the images that they want and need for a specific

Car Dealer Stock Image

Why Using a Car Dealer Stock Image Isn’t the Best Marketing Choice

Car stock photos are ideal for showcasing new models on a dealership website, via social media and even in online ads. These images are professional, high-resolution and often include close-ups of important details of the vehicle. Professional stock photos enhance the user experience, but there is one situation where these

Social Dealerships

Social Dealerships: 30 Post Ideas to Increase Engagement and Visibility

Social media platforms are a simple way for businesses to stay connected to past and current customers and reach out to new customers, too. Facebook remains the most popular social media site; it counts about 2.93 billion active users each month. In addition, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok also are

Car Stock Photos API

This is How Car Stock Photos API Technology Simplifies the Photo Search

Car dealership marketing pros have probably found themselves rummaging through files of stock photos online to find the precise photo that they need for a specific webpage or blog article. With some photo sources, the images could be identifiable only by name and listed by the hundreds in a main

How Dealerships Can Get Optimized

Here’s How Dealerships Can Get Optimized

A dealership’s website is its online portal and its primary internet hub for customers. Can customers or consumers looking for a new or used car find the dealership’s website easily? If website traffic is at a lull and dealerships aren’t seeing new visitors, there could be an optimization issue. Here’s

API for Car Images

EVOX Images: Intuitive API for Car Images

Searching for the best car image could be a bit of a hunt for dealerships if they are using the wrong image library. Some image providers make subscribers click through multiple folders and download a file full of different images just to find that one perfect snapshot of a model.

SEO Primer for Dealerships

The Complete SEO Primer for Dealerships

Dealerships probably know by now that content is important on their website and social media accounts. Great content keeps customers engaged, and this engagement and on-site exploration could convert to sales. How much does the dealership know about SEO, though? While keywords are important, search engine optimization is more than

Stock Images Cars

The Best Stock Images: Cars, Interactive Content and Color Options

When businesses were forced to shut down to abide by mandatory health orders during the height of Covid, survival meant creating experiences to mirror in-person shopping. Small and large companies might have previously offered an online storefront, but car dealerships might not have embraced the online shopping trend until mandates

Dealership Marketing Should Include YouTube

Here’s Why Dealership Marketing Should Include YouTube

Most dealerships probably understand that social media engagement is an important way to increase visibility and reach out to past, present and future customers. While many dealerships use Facebook for advertising and to stay social and visible online, dealerships might be overlooking another incredibly beneficial social media site for marketing.

Actual Vehicle Photo vs. Stock Images Car Dealerships

When to Use an Actual Vehicle Photo vs. Stock Images Car Dealerships Purchase

Car dealerships might have a vast inventory of new and used cars. To advertise their inventory, stock images car dealerships purchase might be chosen for their high-resolution and extensive options. For example, stock images typically offer an array of options that display a specific vehicle model’s interior and exterior design

Dealerships Should Use AI

This is the One Way that All Dealerships Should Use AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has integrated into business practices. AI is used to help predict customer preferences via algorithms online. AI also is used by companies to create digitized voice activated assistants that help guide customers; Siri and Alexa are just two examples. While AI might seem sci-fi adjacent to some

Should Car Dealers Use Stock Photos

Should Car Dealers Use Stock Photos?

Many car buyers start their hunt for a new vehicle online; a study by Cox Automotive reported that in 2020, car buyers spent more than seven hours researching and shopping online. The dealership website was noted to be the last destination for more than 30 percent of online shoppers. For

Drive Sales and Business to your Dealership

Here’s How to Use SEO to Drive Sales and Business to your Dealership

Covid exacerbated the online buying trend and even pushed car dealerships to move business online. However, from 2019 to 2020, Cox Automotive noted that car shoppers were actually spending less time researching and shopping for a car online. Before the pandemic, buyers spent around nine hours shopping and researching; in

360 virtual tour car interior

A 360 Virtual Tour: Car Interior, Exterior Features Enhance UX

Immersive and interactive content can engage customers as they visit web pages to explore vehicles and their new car options. Many dealerships offer standard photo slideshows for vehicles on their lot, in their inventory and via their showroom. Yet, are slideshows the most memorable content that dealerships can offer? Today’s

Dealerships Accept Crypto

Some Dealerships Accept Crypto for Purchases

The majority of car buyers finance their new car. Some obtain financing through their bank or credit union, while others get approved for financing through the dealership. While a loan is the most common way to pay for a car, this isn’t the only financial resource for buyers. Dealerships may

Best Car Photos

Best Car Photos From Y2K

The year 2000 was the dreaded year that the world feared that computers would suddenly go berserk, because of the Y2K problem. Nothing apocalyptic happened, but the year was memorable thanks to the millennial pop culture trends. Boy bands ruled the radio, the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was

Boy’s Club in the Auto Industry

Is There a Boy’s Club in the Auto Industry?

The automotive industry encompasses factories, corporate headquarters, finance companies and, of course, the dealerships. The industry has long been dominated by men, but women have long since burst through the ceiling of this sector even if statistics don’t weigh in their favor. Is there a boy’s club in the auto

Vehicle Picture Collection

How Access to a Vehicle Picture Collection Can Benefit You

Images are powerful things. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very accurate. You can tell people something again and again, but until they see it with their own eyes, it doesn’t mean very much.  This is true in the advertising world and the world of

Family Car Dealers

Are Family Car Dealers a Thing of the Past?

It used to be that, when you wanted to buy a car, you would head down to the local family-owned dealership and make a purchase. Nowadays, however, family dealerships are less and less common in many areas. Instead, you’ll find huge chain dealerships. Does this mean, though, that family dealerships

Spin Car 360 – Car Stock Photos & Images

When you think of “car spins,” you might think of a vehicle spinning out of control. However, in the automotive stock photo world, the term has a very different meaning. A car spin, in this context, is a moving image or video of a vehicle that allows viewers to see

Why Dealers Want Your Used Car

Why Dealers Want Your Used Car

Do you have a used car you no longer want or need? Or, maybe you’re just in a tight spot and willing to part with your older vehicle. Whatever the case may be, there’s likely someone who wants to buy it. And, while you could advertise your car and make

Electric Car Stock Photo

The Power of Electric Car Stock Photo

Electric cars have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. These cars offer both environmental and financial benefits. And, as a business owner, you can also benefit by using electric car stock photos in your marketing and other materials. Similarly, if you own a car dealership, quality

Car Sales Background

Here’s Where to Find a Car Sales Background Image

Hero images on a website refer to a banner photo that grabs the visitor’s attention and dominates the page. Dealerships might use an image of the location exterior as their hero image or they might select a different dominant image. Used car dealerships could opt for a car sales image

Waiting for Electric Vehicles

Get On the List: Car Buyers are Waiting for Electric Vehicles

The normal car buying experience—the one that existed before Covid—was fairly cut and dry, albeit sometimes an ordeal. Covid upended the supply chain and it helped to cause a shortage of microchips in the auto industry, which also caused a crunch in supply.  While other factors also contributed to the

Car Showroom Images

The Power of Using Car Showroom Images

In today’s world, people still shop in the traditional way. However, there are also a great many people who prefer to do their shopping online. They’re not just buying clothes or household items either. Some individuals are comfortable with making major purchases online, including car purchases. What this means for

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies Every Car Dealer Needs to Try

If you own a car dealership, you’ve probably seen a big change in sales since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, you’ve probably noticed that more and more people are choosing to shop online.  No matter how you feel about that change, online car shopping probably isn’t going

editorial photos of cars

Here’s How Dealerships Can Use Editorial Photos of Cars

Editorial photos are typically photos designated for editorial use versus being used for advertising. In some cases, businesses are prohibited from using editorial photos or images marked as ‘for editorial use only’ in any capacity used to sell a service or product (i.e. advertising or commercial use). Violating the terms