Fuel API

The Fuel API is developed around REST principles. It is designed using predictable, resource-oriented URLs and HTTP response codes to indicate errors. Fuel uses HTTP features, such as HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs, which should make integration with standard HTTP clients much easier. JSON or XML will be returned in all responses, depending on what is set in the {format} section of the URL patterns below.

Resource URL Patterns:

/v1/{format}/modelYears/ | /v1/{format}/makes/ | /v1/{format}/models/ | /v1/{format}/products/ | /v1/{format}/vehicles/ | /v1/{format}/vehicle/ | /v1/{format}/products/

DataOne Software

VIN decoding and vehicle description data are the core solutions to a business's automotive data needs that are sourced directly from the vehicle manufacturers. However, in the automotive industry there are a number of public and private organizations that establish standards for everything from vehicles valuation, safety and fuel efficiency to yearly "Best of" and "Top Ten" vehicle awards. DataOne offers products that allow you to utilize this data quickly and efficiently.

Mapping to third party standards can be vital to your business operations. An accurate and precise data map will help you save time and money and contribute to process quality. Mappings developed from unbiased third party data can be used to display vehicle ratings and awards that will add significant value to your vehicle display and inventory marketing efforts.

Common 3rd Party Data and Mapping Highlights:

  • Easily referenced to VINBasic™ by VIN, Y/M/M or DataOne Vehicle ID
  • Available via web service or delivered Files
  • Covers passenger and light-duty commercial vehicles for US Market Data